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Server Cabinets, Enclosures

Black Box Wall Mount Cabinet

Low-Profile Side Wall-Mount Cabinet
The Low-Profile Side Wall-mount Cabinets from Black Box allows you to add space to crowded networking environments. Each sideway panel features a high-quality 10-32 threaded rack rail that has been pre-installed to make mounting your equipment that much easier.

universal server cabinet, RM804A-R2

Universal Server Cabinet
Available in 42" and 48" depths to accommodate even the deepest servers, this cabinet has mesh front and rear doors for maximum ventilation, as well as plenty of extra room for power and cables.

Black Box ClimateCab NEMA 12 Rated Enclosures

ClimateCab NEMA 12 Rated Enclosures
Ideal for non-climate controlled environments like warehouses and machine shops, these NEMA 12 enclosures protect against the ingress of dust, liquids and debris, and allow you to install cabinet-contained air conditioning to keep equipment cool.

DataSafe NEMA Outdoor Cabinets

DataSafe NEMA Outdoor Cabinet
Able to withstand windblown rain, dust, and extreme temperatures, these NEMA cabinets protect electrical components in outdoor and industrial environments.

NEMA 12 Wallmount Cabinet

NEMA 12 Air Conditioned Wall Mount Cabinet
Designed to protect delicate electronics from contaminants like dust, oil and water sprays, this enclosure features a seamless gasket door seal, as well as a side-mounted 800-BTU air conditioner to keep components cool.

Fiber Optic Cabinets

wallmount fiber optic cabinet, JPM400A

Fiber Optic Wall Mount Cabinet
The Black Box cabinets feature full front access to pigtails and connectors as well as a splice tray mounting stud. They also come with all the hardware you need to route fibers and secure the cables. A splice tray mounting stud is also available.

Black Box NEMA-4 Enclosure

NEMA-4 Rated Fiber Optic Wallmount Enclosures
Ideal for housing fiber optic terminations at subterranean levels, these water-resistant enclosures feature rubber gaskets and watertight cable openings to seal out humidity, condensation, and leaking water.

Black Box Rackmount Fiber Optic Cabinets

Rackmount Fiber Optic Cabinets
Satisfy your requirements for maximum flexibility and high-density terminations with Black Box Rackmount Fiber Optic Cabinets for your 19" or 23" rackmount fiber applications. Just snap in up to 6, 9, or 12 adapter panels for ease of use.

PC, CPU, Laptop Cabinets

Black Box Laptop Cabinet

Laptop Cabinet
With this enclosure you can protect your laptop from theft and prying fingers. The only thing you need to do is to slip your laptop into the sturdy, steel Laptop Cabinet from Black Box and lock it up. Two layers of one-inch foam protect your computer from scratching and jarring.

Black Box Multimedia Cabinet

Computer Multimedia Cabinet
Perfect for schools, offices, A/V rooms and libraries, this strong and secure multimedia cabinet allows you to neatly organize CDs, DVDs, disks and cassette tapes as they’re stored under lock and key to prevent theft, misplacement and other damage.


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