Automatic Switching System

Reliable Gang Switching Between Primary and Backup Circuits

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What's special about this network switch?

  • Easily switches between systems that are currently in use and fallback systems, either manually or remotely through a web browser, enabling you with point and click operation
  • Daisychain up to 64 chassis to control of up to 2048 channels with a master switch for large applications
  • Modular, compact (4U) construction allows you to install a variety of interfaces, providing flexibility as your system grows or changes
  • Mix and match different interface cards within the chassis for maximum versatility
  • Chassis are rack mountable, using standard CIA/TIA spacing for installation in your rack or enclosure
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The BLACK BOX® Automatic Switching System is a must have for those in industries such as commercial, industrial, government or anywhere system availability is crucial. This system allows you to manually or remotely manage your network ports, perfect for backing up your primary system during outages or for system maintenance.


BB-SM500A Automatic Switching System - Chassis (4U)
Switching Interface Cards
BB-SM504-C Switching Interface Card (3) BNC Female Connectors
BB-SM501-C Switching Interface Card (3) M/34 Female Connectors
BB-SM503-C Switching Interface Card (3) DB25 Female Connectors
BB-SM503-C-FM Switching Interface Card (2) DB25 Female Connectors, (1) DB25 Male
BB-SM505-C Switching Interface Card (3) Twinax Female Connectors
BB-SM507-C Switching Interface Card (6) BNC Female Connectors
BB-SM508-C Switching Interface Card (3) RJ-11 (4-wire)
BB-SM508-C-2 Switching Interface Card (6) RJ-11
BB-SM509-C Switching Interface Card (3) RJ-45 (8-wire)
BB-SM509-C-2 Switching Interface Card (6) RJ-45 (8-wire)
BB-SM511-C Switching Interface Card (3) DB9 Female Connectors
BB-SM512-C Switching Interface Card (3) DB15 Female Connectors
BB-SM530-C Switching Interface Card (3) HD15 Female Connectors
Control Cards
BB-SM531-C Control Cards for Manual (Local) Control 12-VAC
BB-SM532-C Control Cards for Manual (Local) Control 48-VDC
BB-SM533-C Control Cards for Web Browser, SNMP, ASCII, and Manual (Local) Control 12-VAC
BB-SM534-C Control Cards for Web Browser, SNMP, ASCII, and Manual (Local) Control 48-VDC
BB-SM518 Blank Panel 8.75" (22.2 cm)
BB-SM535A Dual Redundant Power Supply (115/230 VAC, Switch-Selectable)
BB-SM540A Advanced GUI-based management for SM533-C and SM534-C
  • Great for disaster recovery, this unit allows you to switch to a back up system when the primary system goes down
  • Simply switch to alternate lines when your primary system’s ports need attention, to alleviate costly down time during routine maintenance
  • Each chassis can accommodate 16 switching interface cards and you can daisychain up to 64 chassis to manage small and large networks under one controller
  • Optional Dual Redundant Power Supply provides power for up to eight daisychained chassis, and increases reliability for mission-critical applications
  • Interface cards are hot swappable, so there is no need to power down while performing maintenance or making changes
  • Large selection of mix and match compatible interface cards simply installing the cards in any variety you need
  • Each chassis has a security key switch to prevent ccidental switching
  • All interface cards feature latching relays to hold the last switched position if/when there is a power loss
  • Local control through manual toggle switches, which work with LEDs to show each switch’s current position, so you can quickly check the chassis status
  • Optional web browser, SNMP,ASCII, and manual (local) control cards enable you to manage the system from a remote PC connected to it via RS-232 port, LAN (10/100), and the Web, so you can add industry-standard management
  • Easy to use configuration software for the BB-SM533-C and BB-SM534-C provides remote access via a Web connection, to give you customized switching control through a PC-based graphical interface
  • Use the software’s GUI to name all chassis and ports, view connection and check status in real time while performing basic switch operations

A typical Automatic Switching System includes (all purchased separately)

  • Rackmount chassis
  • Control card
  • Power source
  • Switching interface cards


Compatible with a variety of


Automatic Switching System Chassis
Protocol Transparent to all protocols
Relay Specifications; Latching Type
Contact Material Gold-Clad Silver
Current Capacity 1 amp
Initial Contact Resistance 50 millionhms
Digital RS-232/V.24, V.35, X.21/X.25, T1/T2
Analog V.35, X.21/X.25, T1/T2
Coax BNC, Twinax
Temperature 32 to 158° F (0 to 70° C)
Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Material Metal
Height 7" (4U) (17.8 cm)
Width 19" (48.3 cm)
Depth 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Weight 12 lbs (5.4 kgs)






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