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Power Supply


Triple-Output 30VDC, 3A Digital Display Power Supply
The 1670A is a triple output, regulated, DC power supply equipped with one 5V 0-500mA output, one 12V 0-500mA output, and one 0-30V 0-3A main output.

Switching DC Power Supplies

Switching DC Power Supplies
Perfect for use in laboratories, electronic field service and telecom applications, this low-profile power supply converts AC to DC power for DC-powered devices, is easily programmed, and features intelligent circuitry to prevent malfunction and damage.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope

2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Perfect for professionals, hobbyists and even students, this digital oscilloscope measures the voltage of electrical devices across 32 different parameters, and is USB-enabled to give you the option of remote control and data logging via PC.

Meters, Line Separators


AC Line Separator and Voltage
Designed to isolate electrical conductors so that they can be more accurately tested with a multimeter, this line separator is also capable of measuring surge currents and monitoring a device's power consumption.


Class 2 Sound Level Meter
Sound Level Meter delivers precise readings within 1 dB when monitoring noise pollution levels or measuring environmental sound in an area. Capable of automatic data logging and concurrent measuring of minimum, maximum and instantaneous noise levels. Perfect for use in stadiums, densely populated areas or libraries.

digital thermo hygrometer, 625

Digital Thermo Hygrometer
Ideal for server rooms, hazmat storage areas and other climate-sensitive environments, this pocket-sized hygrometer gives instant temperature and humidity measurements so that you can maintain ideal conditions for electronics or other materials.

digital earth resistance meter, 309

Manual-Ranging Digital Earth Resistance Meter
Perfect for testing ground conductors in new construction, retrofit applications and post-lightning strike evaluations, this tester measures resistance so you can make any necessary grounding changes to reduce the risk of injury, power surges, and fire.

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