B.E.S. TelePole Telescopic Rods

Brings Safety and Ease to Difficult High-Up Applications


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B.E.S. Telepole Telescopic Rods

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these extendable poles?

  • Fiberglass telescoping poles extend up to 20' to access normally unreachable areas, making them ideal for work involving tall trees, light poles, and vaulted ceilings
  • Non-conductive fiberglass construction minimizes the danger of working with power lines and other high voltage equipment
  • Lightweight material makes the pole easy to maneuver, making it far safer than metallic poles that can be nearly impossible to control when fully extended
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Working in aerial applications can be extremely difficult and even more dangerous. With its non-conductive fiberglass construction, fully-customizable length and lightweight body, the B.E.S. Telescopic Rod makes it easy to complete high-risk jobs safely, from the ground.

  • No ladder required to reach heights up to 25', for a much safer alternative
  • Sections can be locked at any length, so you can customize the pole's length to your needs
  • Comes with a "Z-Tip" that easily grabs cables and other objects
BES-TPF614 Fiberglass Telescoping Pole 6'-14'  6 ft 14 ft 2" 1"
BES-TPF620 Fiberglass Telescoping Pole 6'-20'  6 ft 20 ft 2" 1"
BES-TPF614 Fiberglass Telescoping Pole 6'-14' 
BES-TPF620 Fiberglass Telescoping Pole 6'-20' 
BES-TP620Z Replacement Z-TIP for TelePole

Cable Tray Fish Rod KitCable Tray Fish Rod Kit
Designed for fishing cables near suspended ceilings and cable trays, this coated fiberglass wire pulling kit can extend up to 48' in length, and has a wisp head attachment that won't get tangled in cables or catch onto T-bars.

BES Wall ScopeBES® Wall Scope
Perfect for inspecting behind walls and providing extra visibility for cable pulling jobs, this periscope-like work lamp combines a bright light and angled mirror in a candy bar-sized package that slips easily into small openings, eliminating the need for large drywall cuts.


GlowFishGlowFish® Glow-in-the-Dark Fiberglass Push Pull Rods
Perfect for fishing cables through dark spaces, these luminescent wire pulling rods are stored in a clear tube and charge themselves on ambient light when not in use, so they're always ready to go.

Cable DollyCable Dolly and Cable Dolly Jr.
Made from sturdy steel to resist the every day wear and tear out on the job, this great transportation and storage tool is sure to serve you well for a long time.

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