Barcode Label Printers

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Manage a lot of parts or inventory? Save time and reduce labor hours by switching over to an automated system with barcode label printers. Able to automatically generate a wide variety of thermal transfer barcode labels in seconds, barcode label printers from Dymo, Brady, Brother, Panduit, K-Sun, Thomas & Betts and HellermannTyton are a smart investment that have the power to save you considerable amounts of time, money and frustration in the long run. Let barcoding take your business to the next level!

BRADY Label Printers

Brady BMP21 Printer

BMP™ 21 Portable Label Printer
With a built-in recognition feature that automatically adjusts label size, color, and type when a cartridge is inserted, this printer allows you produce industrial-grade labels quickly and easy.


IDXPERT™ Printer Accessories
The IDXPERT™ from Brady is the first handheld labeling system with the capability to print on such a wide variety of labels. This versatile label printer can print on die-cut or self-laminating labels as well as heat shrinkable sleeves and continuous tapes.


TLS2200 Thermal Transfer Printer
The Brady TLS 2200 Thermal Transfer Printer is the ultimate answer to your toughest labeling challenges. This lightweight printer offers the convenience and portability of a handheld printer while providing advanced capabilities such as bar coding, die cut labels, and banner printing.

Brady BMP71 Printer

BMP ™ 71 Label Printer
Designed to run off of an AC adapter or its rechargeable battery, this versatile label printer features a QWERTY keyboard layout for fast and easy legend entry.

Brady IP Series Printers

IP Series Printers
Ideal for applications like healthcare, telecom, government and manufacturing that call for high-volume printing, this thermal printer produces labels at a rate of up to 8" per second, and features plug-and-play cartridges that require no calibration between changes.

BROTHER Label Printers

Brother P-Touch 7500 printer, PT-7500

P-Touch 7500 Label Printer
Equipped with a smart layout key and automatic tape-size detection, this rugged printer makes it fast and easy to switch between formats and applications in commercial and industrial labeling jobs.

Brother P-Touch 7600 Printer, PT-7600

P-Touch 7600 Label Printer
Designed to create fully-customized labels for your office or facility, this label printer contains 164 preprogrammed industrial symbols, and can also import label designs from Microsoft Excel® or Access®.

PT-9600 Electronic Labeling System

P-Touch® PT-9600 Electronic Labeling System
WAS $432.62
The PT-9600 can print on regular “TZ” tapes with a wide selection of sizes and colors and it can print on industrial adhesive tape. It is powered by a AC adapter (included) or a rechargeable battery (included). It can be connected to a PC or a Mac to create more professional looking labels.

DYMO Label Printers

RHINO 5200

RHINO 5200 Printer
Perfect for office, telecom, and industrial applications, this pro-grade label printer features exclusive hot keys that automatically size, space and format labels, so you can print a lot in very little time.

RhinoPRO 6000 Printer, 1734519

6000 Professional Labeling Tool
The Rhino 6000 Professional Labeling Tool offers advanced functions and flexibility. With hot keys for instant wire and cable wraps, 150 pre-programmed industry symbols, 6 barcodes, vertical or horizontal printing, and 1000 label memory, the Rhino 6000 is fully loaded.

K-Sun Label Printers

k-sun bee3 label printer

LABELShop® Bee 3 Label Printer
K-Sun's LABELShop® BEE3 Label Printer allows you to print custom labels, barcodes, and onto heat shrink tubing. This portable, compact keyboard printercreates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different size and color combinations and also prints on heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification.

K-Sun LABELShop 2011XLB, label maker

LABELShop® 2011XLB Label Maker
Was $349.00  SALE sales
One of the most portable, affordable industrial label printers with revolutionary new features. The new PeelGuard™ Label Trimmer is a built-in device that rounds label corners to provide greater peeling protection and a more professional look to your labels.

K-Sun LABELShop 2012XLST, label printers

LABELShop® 2012XLST Label Printer
Prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube, polyester wire and cable wrap materials, and industrial polyester adhesive-backed tapes. Power is provided using 6-AA batteries (included) or AC power adaptor (meets new California Electrical Energy Reduction requirements).

K-Sun LABELShop 2011XLB-PC, label makers

LABELShop® 2011XLB-PC Label Makers
The 2011XLB-PC offers the flexibility of hand held portability or desktop PC connectivity all in one. The printer has its own battery operated memory, keyboard and LCD display so permanent labels can be designed and printed on the job or, connect the printer to your PC and drive this powerful machine with new MaxiLabel® Pro software and AC power.

K-Sun LABELShop 2012XLST-PC, labeler

LABELShop® 2012XLST-PC Label Printers
The printer allows you to print on polyolefin heat shrink tubing, polyester wire and cable wrap materials, and industrial polyester adhesive-backed tapes.

K-Sun Green Machine Label Printer

Green Machine Eco-Friendly Label Printer
Constructed partially of recycled materials and designed to create up to 58% more labels from each tape cartridge, this environmentally friendly labeler lets you print highly customized labels without wasting energy or supplies.

PANDUIT Label Printers

Panduit LS8 Printers

PanTher™ LS8 Label Makers
The PanTher™ LS8 printers are designed to meet and exceed the demands of the IT world while printing the highest quality labels that are sure to last for a long time. The PanTher™ LS8 Model features computer connectivity through USB interface import for data, system upgrades, and printing labels from a wireless laptop or desktop computer.

Panduit TDP43M Thermal Transfer Label Printer

TDP43M Thermal Transfer Label Printer
The TDP43M Thermal Transfer Printer by Panduit® is a small form label printer designed to produce industrial level numbers of high quality labels. With an easy to use software and interchangeable ribbons, this printer presents itself as a must have for any operation where making labels is necessary. A great selection of accessories is also available for the Panduit® TDP43M to make sure all angles are covered.

Panduit Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers

Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers
PANDUIT® introduces the TDP42HY, TDP43HY, and TDP46HY Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers to make your task a pleasant one. This line of printers excels at speed and quality, differentiated only by their DPI printing. They are built to perform to the highest standards, and meet and exceed all the demands of high volume label making.

Thomas & Betts

E-Z Code Label Printer

E-Z Code® Label Printer Accessories
The Thomas and Betts EZL-100 thermal transfer label printer is ideal for home use or on the job. A thermal transfer printer uses heat to melt a wax-based ink onto a label. The EZL100 uses cartridges that are preloaded with the ribbon and label together. The T&B EZL 100 label printer allows network and telecom installers to identify and wrap cables, wires, terminal blocks, device covers, patch panels, and face plates with one single touch.


thermal transfer printer

TT230SM Thermal Transfer Printer
Featuring a lightweight design and compact, space-saving footprint, this moderate-volume 300 DPI printer is perfect for small/medium businesses that need pro labeling capabilities, but not an expensive, large-capacity printer.

HellermannTyton TTM430 Thermal Transfer Printer

TTM430 Thermal Transfer Printer
Perfect for industrial and commercial labeling, this printer is able to print at a speed of almost 8 inches per second, and has 64mb of memory for storing label designs.


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