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Optimize Your Space with the Great Lakes WE Server Side Wall Mount



Great Lakes wall mount cabinet

Are traditional wall mount enclosures eating up premium space in your server room? Leave the old ways behind, and try wall-mounting your servers sideways instead! is proud to introduce the revolutionary new WE Server Side Wall Mount from Great Lakes. The WE Server Side Wall Mount puts a fresh and innovative spin on wall mount server enclosures, and we think you'll love the result. Discover how Great Lakes’ newest development can help you maximize server room space – and simplify maintenance – like never before.


What makes the WE Server Side Wall Mount so unique?

Great Lakes' WE Server Side Wall Mount is one-of-a-kind because of how it mounts to the wall: from the side. Standard wall mount server enclosures are narrow, but often very deep. Even though they’re usually only 20-1/2" wide, they can protrude up to 36" from the wall, taking up quite a bit room even though they're off the floor. But because the WE Server Side Wall Mount attaches to the wall sideways, it actually reverses those space-wasting dimensions: the long, 36" side attaches to the wall, and the entire cabinet only sticks out around 20-1/2".


How easy is it to access equipment that’s inside the WE Server Side Wall Mount?

Traditional wall-mount enclosures only allow you to access your server from the front. But since the WE Server Side Wall Mount provides you with both front and rear access to rack mounted computer equipment, maintenance and updates are now a breeze. Thanks to the rear door, you'll never again have to wrestle your way to the cables, switches and fans located behind each server.


Is it designed for thermal management?

The WE Server Side Wall Mount is designed to keep your server running cool. Not only is the enclosure equipped with mesh side doors that maximize airflow around mounted components, it's also designed to easily accommodate an optional exhaust fan.

WE server with side installed

Will it keep my server secure?

Great Lakes' WE Server Side Wall Mount makes it simple to prevent unauthorized access to servers or other rack mounted equipment. The enclosure features lockable front and rear doors, as well as a removable side panel that can be locked for added security.


What are some of the WE Server Side Wall Mount’s other features?

  • 24" H x 36.1" W x 20.5"D
  • 10 RMU
  • 34" of usable length
  • 3 concentric knockouts on the top, middle and rear to allow for pass-through of 1", 2", and 3" conduit
  • M6 cage nuts and screws included
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Removable front panel
  • 3 studs can be mounted on the 16" center
  • 29" rail spacing leaves 2" of free space at the front of the enclosure, and 3" in the rear


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