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How to Choose the Right Brother P-Touch Label Tape



Brother PTouch Label TapesThink that there couldn't possibly be a label out there that can survive whatever you throw at it? That the job or environment you have in mind is just too hot, cold, abrasive or corrosive for a little stick-on label to withstand? Sounds like you could use some Brother P-Touch label tapes.

Designed specifically for use with Brother P-Touch label printers, these label cartridges come in an incredible variety of materials, widths and colors, so you can create exactly the label you need with nothing more than the push of a few buttons. From ordinary to ultra-tough, P-Touch labels have what it takes to get the job done – now it's just up to you to choose the right one.

Come with us on a quick tour of the P-Touch "label gallery" – we've outlined what each type does best, so you can weigh the options at a glance, and come away with the perfect label cartridge for you. Introducing the Brother P-Touch label tape lineup:


M Tape (Non-Laminated)
M Tape is the old standby for indoor labeling applications that will lead a relatively quiet life in homes, schools, and offices. It's perfect for environments that are dry, have stable average temperatures, and are more or less free of corrosive chemicals.

  • Great for: Labeling file folders, school supplies, kitchen shelves and CD cases.
  • Your Choices: M Tape is available in Black lettering on Blue, Green, Gold, Silver or Pink Tape, and comes in 3/8" or 1/2" widths.


TZ Tape (Laminated)
This is the tough stuff. Believe it or not, Brother's TZ tapes are built from 7 different layers of material, all topped off with a protective polyethylene laminate that defies everything from oil and chemicals to water and harsh UV rays. Want to use these labels in a microwave or freezer? No problem. And abrasion? Bring it on. Labels made of TZ tape were actually subjected to 50 passes of an industrial sander, and came out of it with barely a scratch.

  • Great for: Labeling indoors or outdoors, regardless of moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, chemicals, and surface texture.
  • Your Choices: TZ Tape is available with Black, Red, Gold or White lettering in varying combinations on Red, Clear, White, Yellow, Neon Orange, Green and Black tapes. Widths range from approximately 1/8" to 1".


AV Tape (Die-Cut Labels)
Designed for situations where you only need to print a few labels at a time, AV "tapes" are actually cartridges of die-cut paper labels, which can be printed out and stuck onto letters, packages, and file folders.

  • Great for: Taking labeling to the next step, and using it to produce sharp, professional looking mailing labels.
  • Your Choices: AV Tape cartridges are available in 5/8" x 3-1/2 inch file folder, 3/4" x 2-5/8" address, and 3/4" x 2-1/4" return address styles. All labels types come in a white paper finish.


DK Tape (Die-Cut Labels for Custom Applications)
The DK label line comes into play when you have labeling to do, but want to achieve a more unique, customized look than you'd get from a standard tape-style label. While DK labels come in standard cartridge form, they (like the AV tapes) are actually die-cut labels, except that they're available in a wider range of shapes and sizes, to cover more applications.

  • Great for: Creating shipping, CD/DVD, and round sticker-style labels
  • Your Choices: Available in both paper and plastic film, these labels come in rectangular, round, and continuous-tape styles, in a wide variety of sizes (too many to name here).




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