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It’s March, Cable Organizing Fans, and if there’s ever been a month for celebrating all things green, this has got to be it! Just think about it… with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, you can’t swing a piece of wire loom without hitting a shamrock, and the first day of Spring will be here before you know it. But if that’s not enough to get you excited, all of us at have one trick left up our sleeve that is bound to make you smile: Greenlee Tools!

site-rite conduit benderGreenlee has a long-standing reputation for high quality, professional-grade tools, and we’re proud to be able to offer you the entire line. Network installers and contractors depend on Greenlee for precision wire and cable termination tools, hole cutters and conduit benders, but even if you’re not an industry professional, we’ve still got something for you.

For Weekend Warriors of the do-it-yourself persuasion, carries a variety of Greenlee hand tools and tool chests to round out your home improvement arsenal. No matter what sort of project you’ll be using them for, one thing is for sure: as soon as you come home with Greenlee products, all the other tools in the shed are likely to turn green, too…with envy, that is! Allow us to introduce you to the Greenlee line:


  • cam-track conduit benderGreenlee Conduit Benders and Hole Cutters… These are the big dogs: heavy-duty tools for conduit and sheet metal projects that require a little extra muscle. For portable conduit work, we offer Greenlee’s SITE-RITE™ and SITE-RITE II™ hand benders, as well as their 8600 Conduit Cutter, which allows you to cleanly cut conduit without having to de-burr it afterwards. If your applications call for more extensive bending, Greenlee’s mechanical 555™ Deluxe and Cam Rack™ benders are up to the task! And when it comes to penetrating steel, bare hands just won’t do the job, so rely on Metal Stud Punches and the Slug-Splitter™, Slug-Buster™ and Quick Draw hydraulic drivers by Greenlee.



  • fiber optic shearsGreenlee Cable Pulling, Termination and Testing…It’s easy to see why the name Greenlee has become synonymous with professional-grade cabling tools: from beginning to end, they can get you through any network cable installation! Cable pulling – a task widely considered by installers to be a pain in the neck – can be made easier and less frustrating with products like steel fish tape, Clear Lube and the Ultra Tugger™ Cable Puller from Greenlee. For cable termination, Greenlee offers individual Kevlar Shears, complete termination kits, and everything in between. And when it’s time for final testing, trust Greenlee’s Telecom, Modular and Lancat™ cable testers for the certification of your network.



  • greenlee utility boxesGreenlee Tool Boxes and Utility Cabinets… Whether you need to store hand tools in your garage or want to secure supplies for an entire jobsite, Greenlee makes a line of toolboxes, chests, utility cabinets and Field Offices that will suit almost any application imaginable. Built to be waterproof, tamper-resistant and multi-functional, tool storage solutions by Greenlee lead the industry in quality, design and durability!




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