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Fiber Optic Technology in Everyday Life

Uses of Fiber Optics Today



Fiber optic technology has grown tremendously over the years and is used in many applications today. Without us realizing it, fiber optics are an essential part of our everyday lives.

First Use of Fiber Optics

One of the first uses of fiber optics was the telephone, and today, fiber optic technology has revolutionized long distance calls. It has also made wiretapping more difficult and helps to prevent electrical interference. Probably the biggest use today for fiber optics is the Internet, which is information that fiber optics cables send digitally.

Fiber Optics and the Military

Fiber optic technology is in high demand in the military today. The military has tested the cables rigorously and decided they were excellent to use in many of their applications. The fiber optic cables offer the military better performance, more bandwidth, and security for their signals - all at a lower cost.   The cables are strong, lightweight, and can also be used outdoors in any type of harsh environment. These features make the fiber optic cables an excellent choice for use in the military’s retrieval and deployment applications.

Fiber optic missile launchers and radar systems are also used in the military.  In many of their control systems, the military uses a single optical fiber to replace miles and pounds of copper wire.

Fiber Optics Used in our Transportation System

The fast-paced transportation system is becoming a fast growing market for the use of fiber optics with the increase in traffic and more demand for automated toll booths, traffic signals, and message signs that are changeable.

UAVs and Fiber Optics

A fairly new and fast growing application for fiber optics is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). With the ability to provide a fast and efficient way to transmit a large amount of data over long distances, fiber optics were utilized as the main communication conduit between the UAV and ground control.

Other Uses of Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are also used in applications where bright light needs to be shone on a target without a clear line-of-sight path. They are also used to route sunlight from a roof to other parts of the building.

Optical fiber illumination is used for decorative applications such as Christmas trees, signs, and art. Showcases displayed in boutiques use optical fibers for illumination of different angles with only one light source.

Special optical fibers are used for sensor applications in areas that involve oil-well monitoring and fire or leak detection.

The bandwidth offered by fiber optics enables cable television to transmit signals to their subscribers. This is very useful for the services cable companies offer. Other important fiber optic applications are used in research institutions, colleges and universities, aerospace, and chemical industries.

Fiber optic technology is definitely growing rapidly and is an essential part of our everyday lives.



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