Enhance Your Vehicle with Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™


BY: Christina Hansen

Enhance Your Vehicle with Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™


BY: Christina Hansen

ConvoShield in engine


Whether you’re customizing a car, truck or motorcycle, ConvoShield™ by Bentley-Harris will help you to manage and protect engine wires, cables and hoses while cranking the style factor way up!

ConvoShield™ AL was specifically designed with radiant heat environments – like your engine compartment – in mind. Constructed of nylon copolymer with a super reflective, chrome-finish aluminum coating, ConvoShield™ AL is suited to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Testing has shown this product to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°F (500°C) for a full hour without distorting, yet ConvoShield™ is also able to maintain its flexibility when temperatures dive down to -40°C!

Lexus with ConvoShield


From gasoline and brake fluid to motor oil and antifreeze, your vehicle is full of chemicals and substances that threaten to corrode the wires and cables they come into contact with. ConvoShield™ AL provides excellent resistance to a wide range of automotive fluids, and is the ideal protector for components in your engine compartment.

In addition to protecting your car’s cables, ConvoShield™ can keep them organized and give your custom automotive project a polished, professional look. The aluminum coating on ConvoShield™ AL not only gives it the sleek look of chrome, but also provides the added benefit of shielding cables from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

If  “The shinier, the better” is your car tuning mantra, be sure to check out the line of Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™ products available at CableOrganizer.com…we’ll keep your cables looking hot while they stand up to the heat!


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