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How Can Cable Tie Installation Tools Make My Job Easier?



cable tie tension toolInstalling cable ties may seem simple enough, but doing the job with your bare hands can put an undue amount of stress on the cables you are bundling, and add some unnecessary wear-and-tear to you as well. is ready to assist with a selection of cable tie installation tools that will help to make your cable-bundling project quick, efficient and painless.

By using an installation tool, you can prevent the over-tightening of cable ties, an occurrence that may not exactly sound dangerous, but can damage your cables’ jackets and inhibit proper signal transmission in Category 6 and fiber optic cables. Cable tying aids such as tensioning and cutoff tools can also physically benefit the installer: they not only ensure that the job will be completed quickly, but also protect hands and wrists against blisters and repetitive-motion injury.

To help you properly tighten your plastic cable ties, carries a full line of tensioning tools, including the TWT1, TWT2, and MK9 models by HellermannTyton, as well as their heavy-duty compatible T150 tensioner.  In addition to HellermannTyton’s MK7HT combination tension and cutoff tool, we also offer the MK9SST for stainless-steel cable tie installation.

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