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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Powerflor©



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If you operate a data center or computer training facility, you've probably found out the hard way that keeping up with changing demands for floor-space use and outlet configurations can be frustrating, time consuming and very expensive. would like to introduce you to Powerflor©, a complete and modular raised floor system that covers all your needs, from outlets and wiring to carpet and cable management. If you're wondering what exactly makes Powerflor© such a great choice, here's a list of the things we love about it:

  1. It's everything you need, all rolled into one. Powerflor© is truly an all-inclusive solution: flooring, cable, electrical outlets, data/communications ports, carpet and cable management are all seamlessly integrated into a single product! Why hassle with so many separate components when you can cover all the bases (and very nicely, might we add) all in one shot?
  2. You can kiss that long line of sub-contractors goodbye. Because Powerflor© is so perfectly complete, there's no need for you to deal with the frustration, wasted time and expense that comes with finding and scheduling subcontractors for each individual component. Carpet laying, wiring and cable management are accomplished all in one simple step!
  3. It won't waste your time. In less time than it takes the typical subcontractor to work up final project plans, you can have a complete Powerflor© installation and be back in business! When you're running on a tight deadline, remember that time is money…need we say more?
  4. Your configuration can be changed anytime. Sometimes change just can't be avoided, especially in settings like data centers and computer training facilities. People are always coming and going, and workstation layouts have to be changed…how do you handle that? With Powerflor©, when the need arises for you to switch up your electrical outlet and data port configuration, there's no need to call in electricians or datacom/telecom technicians to place expensive new outlets…simply lift up the wired floor panels that need relocating, and place them exactly where you want them. Reconfiguration can be achieved in only minutes, and at no cost to you!
  5. Powerflor
  6. You can take it with you. Ah, the beauty of a modular flooring system! Just think of it this way: if you pour a small fortune into customizing a work environment with permanent flooring, cable management and outlets, you'll just have to leave it all behind in the event of a relocation. On the other hand, a Powerflor© system gives you all the good stuff, but you actually get to take it with you on moving day!



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