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Customer Q&A – Pelican Products for Hurricane Safety



In the event that I would have to evacuate during a hurricane, I have some personal items that I would not be able to take with me. Do you know of any type of waterproof, vandal-proof storage that would work in the garage? I need something bigger than a suitcase.
(Submitted by an Anonymous Customer on 5/9/2007)

Pelican 1660 caseWhether you’re trying to protect documents, keepsakes, photos or electronics, if you’re looking for a larger-sized storage container that’s capable of protecting your personal effects from the ravages of water and vandals, we recommend Pelican’s 1660 Case. The 1660 model is one of the largest cases made by Pelican (the interior storage dimensions are 28.18" ×19.75" ×17.62"), and it comes with a wide range of features for keeping your valuables safe… we’ll start with the ones that are most relevant to your inquiry.

To begin with, the Pelican 1660 is completely watertight, thanks to a built-in neoprene o-ring, and has the ability to remain buoyant at a weight of up to 350 lbs (just for reference, an empty case weighs approximately 42 lbs with foam liner, and a little over 34 lbs without it). It’s also dustproof and chemical resistant, which are a couple of terrific qualities considering that you plan to keep it in the garage.
As far as vandal-proofing goes, the 1660 can easily accommodate the padlock(s) of your choice, and even comes equipped with stainless steel padlock protectors.  Structurally speaking, this Pelican Protector Case is virtually unbreakable, due to its special high-impact copolymer construction. The 1660 case provides unbeatable impact protection, but if the items you’ll be storing need to be kept from moving around freely inside the case, there are additional foam liners and partitions available.


I live in an area that’s prone to flooding during the Hurricane Season. I’ve got plenty of emergency supplies, but I’m worried that my flashlights might short out if they end up getting wet. Can you suggest any type of waterproof flashlight that will work even if everything else is soaked?

Pelican Super SabreLiteIf you’re looking for a flashlight that can rough it in any conditions a hurricane might dish out, then the Super SabreLight by Pelican is just what you have in mind. This is one remarkable little light, designed by Pelican with two things in mind: safety and performance.

Downpours and flooding won’t even faze the SabreLight… it’s actually submersible up to 500 feet! The body of this flashlight is composed of lightweight ABS resin, which resists abuse from chemicals, corrosion and high temperatures. And you can’t beat the SabreLight’s powers of illumination, which result from a super-bright Xenon lamp. Add all of these features to the fact that the SabreLight boasts more approval ratings than any other flashlight out there, and we think you’ve found the perfect companion for Hurricane Season!



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