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Corning: the World Leader in Fiber Optics




You'll probably be amazed to learn that they receive hundreds of patents each year. It may even impress you to hear that they employ one of the highest percentages of Inventors Hall of Fame Researchers of all the companies in the world. And would you believe that they've received four National Medals of Technology? Corning's list of credits is stellar, but one of their accomplishments stands out above all the others: the invention of fiber optic technology.


The Beginning of Fiber Optics
Fiber optics, the technology that revolutionized telecommunications, began to take form at Corning during the mid-1960s. Engineers realized that light pulses could be used to send information signals down a hair-width optical glass fiber ... the same amount of data that would usually require an inches-thick copper telephone cable! The optical fibers weren't yet ready for market, though: light signals lost their strength quickly, and couldn't be transmitted for long distances

Thanks to Corning's hard-working developers, early fiber optic signal loss, or attenuation, wasn't a problem for long. By 1970, the research team at Corning had developed a fiber that was both capable of transmitting over distance and ready for market.


A Technology Ahead of its Time
It's a hard thing to imagine now, but even though Corning and their new technology were ready to take communications into the future, the rest of the world was too far behind to immediately put fiber optics into use. As a result, Corning had to wait for telephone companies to catch up before they could distribute their new product on a large scale.

But Corning isn't a company to waste time. Always operating with the future in mind, their fiber optic research team used this waiting period to further improve their invention, and by 1972 the original fiber had been made obsolete ... before it even went on the market! All of Corning's patience and ingenuity finally paid off when the US telephone industry was finally deregulated, and the company received an order for 100,000 kilometers of optical fiber from MCI.


The Corning Line at
Today, Corning produces 40% of the world's optical fiber. Their product line is more advanced and comprehensive than ever, and can be found right here at Take advantage of our incredible selection, and find out firsthand why Corning has set the standard for fiber optic networks worldwide!


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