Arlington Industries Snap2It™ Connectors with Insulated Throat

Easy to Install and Secure Hold Make These Connectors a Must Have

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What's special about these connectors?

  • Improved AST fittings are even easier to snap on to your cables and accommodate a wide variety of cable and conduit sizes and types!
  • A strong connection provides added strain relief when connecting sections of conduit or armored cable
  • Although the connection is secure, the screw allows you to release and tighten your cable when necessary
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UL and CSA

Arlington's Snap2It 3810AST and 4010AST connectors have been redesigned and improved to give you the widest range of cable OD as well as cable selection.


AI-3810AST Snap2It® fittings 0.37" to 0.49" 0.062 lb.
AI-4010AST Snap2It® fittings 0.44" to 0.612" 0.062 lb.

These new fittings are priced the same as the older models and are actually easier to use. They feature a super-secure system which includes an angled clip that locks down onto the MC cable so there's no chance of pullout, however, you can loosen the screw and remove the fitting as needed. Talk about versatility!

  • Wide variety of cable usage: AC, MC, Health-Care-Facility, MC continuous corrugated aluminum cable, and Southwire's MCAP™ and HCF MCAP™ cables
  • These fittings cover a wide range of cable OD: 0.37" to 0.612"
  • Amazingly strong connection comes from the angled clip which locks down on the MC cable, eliminating the possibility of pullout
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty



  AI-3810AST AI-4010AST
End stop diameter: 0.312" 0.400"
Cable diameter: 0.370" to 0.490" 0.475" to 0.612"
Cable types: AC, MC, HCF, MCAP™ and HCF MCAP™
MCI-A and MC continuous corrugated aluminum
MCI-A and MC continuous corrugated aluminum
Cable sizes: 14/2 & 12/2 with and without ground and
14/3 & 12/3
14/3, 14/4, 12/2, 12/3, 12/4, 10/2, 10/3 and 3/8
flexible metal conduit, FMC, RWFMC (steel)
and aluminum XRWFMC (steel conduit)





Flexible Steel ConduitFlexible Steel Conduit
Galvanized Steel Conduit is suitable for concealed, exposed, or approved raceways. The flexible conduit is manufactured with a spiral wound strip of corrosion / rust resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel. The natural color Type RWS conduit features a smooth metal interior for easy wiring pulling.

Acme cable staple gunsAcme Wire and Cable Staple Guns
Acme Staple Company’s unique wire and cable tackers and staples are ideal for installation of wires and cables of all types. Each model accommodates different sized staples for different wire installations such as coaxial, fire alarm cable, and Cat5 network cable. Each staple is made of galvanized or stainless steel with or without coating to accommodate just about any application.

Snap2It conduit fittingsArlington Industries® Snap2It® Conduit Fittings
Ideal for use with both metallic and non-metallic conduits, these fittings simply snap on to create a liquid-tight seal without the need for extra hardware, tools, tapes or messy sealants.

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