Power and Cable/Phone Duplex Cover

Puts the Finishing Touch on Power and Low Voltage Combo Boxes

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Power and Cable/Phone Duplex Cover - Arlington Industries

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these faceplates?

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These faceplates are one of the most unique around. They combine power, low voltage communications, and coaxial connections all into one unit. Each unit comes equipped with RJ-45 (8 wire) connections in addition to connections for coaxial cable and duplex power receptacles. These faceplates will help you minimize the amount of cables running around the room without sacrificing the equipment and connections that you need.

  • Includes 3 mounting screws
  • Plugs provided for coaxial and phone jack when not in use
  • Used with Power and & Low Voltage Combo Boxes for Existing Building or New Construction


Part # Description Colors Dimensions Price Each
AI-LVD2HC Power/RJ-45 Combo Faceplate White, Ivory, Almond 4.500" W x 4.567" H x 0.220" D


AI-LVD2HC Power/RJ-45 Combo Faceplate White, Ivory, Almond 1 4.500" x 4.567" x 0.220"
Power and Low Voltage Combo BoxNew Construction Power & Low Voltage Combo Box
Speeding up the installation process is possibly one of the top priorities when it comes to construction projects. Having a Power and Low Voltage combo box can help you save time and money along with making your connections a lot more accessible for the everyday use.
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