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Arlington Industries FSR404 2 Gang retrofit junction boxes

FSR404 4x4 Box
Available in steel or plastic, these dual-gang wall boxes adapt to different wall thicknesses, and let you install electrical outlets or low voltage connections in any retrofit application.

Arlington Industries Single & Dual Electrical Box Extender

Electrical Box Extenders
The purpose of the Arlington Electrical Box Extender is to allow you to pull out your electrical box so that it lays flush with the newly installed wall covering without having to remove or repositioning the existing box. Talk about a way to save yourself some valuable time and money.

Arlington Gangable Plastic Electrical Boxes

Gangable Plastic Electrical Boxes
Available in styles to fit new construction or retrofit jobs, these plastic electrical boxes give you the option of ganging up to 10 devices or receptacles without tools, and take up very little storage space, allowing you to easily keep parts on hand without having to order for each individual job.

AI-EB1212 installed

Non-Metallic Enclosure Boxes
Ideal for protecting low voltage devices from debris and tampering in indoor environments, these non-metallic wallmount enclosures resist corrosion and heat, and are available with your choice of optional padlock hasp or cam lock for extra security.

Steel Side-Mount Fan, Light Fixture Box, FBS1423

Steel ONE-BOX™ Fixture Box
Perfect for both residential and commercial use, this fixture box attaches onto the side of existing joists and beams to accommodate the installation of ceiling fans and hanging lights without the need for new structural supports.


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