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Connectors with Insulated Throat

Snap2It™ Connectors with Insulated Throat
Arlington's Snap2It 3810AST and 4010AST connectors have been redesigned and improved to give you the widest range of cable O.D. as well as cable selection.

Conduit Bodies

Arlington® AnyBODY™ Universal Conduit Bodies
Ideal for use with both metallic and non-metallic conduit, these connectors let you easily customize angles in the field so that you can eliminate the need for conduit benders, and save time and space that would be wasted on ordering and storing single-configuration parts.

cable wrap, cable hanger

The Loop - Cable Hanger
The Loop from Arlington Industries works as a hanger for communication cable support. Cable scan be hung at virtually any angle, whether perpendicular or parallel, even from beams by using a standard beam clamp. With The Loop, you can hold a maximum bundle diameter of 5" in the largest loop, or up to 300 CAT5 cables.

rlington Industries Steel and Iron Beam Clamps

Steel and Iron Beam Clamps
Designed to attach cable support systems to beams and purlins without soldering or drilling, these steel and iron clamps can support up to 600 lbs.

insulated emt bushings

Insulated EMT Bushings
Designed to cover the rough edges of EMT conduit to prevent cable damage, these tap-on bushings are safe for use in air handling spaces, and are compatible with rigid metal and PVC conduits.

Wire Grabber Application

Wire Grabber™
Ideal for supporting cable trays, light fixtures and other static loads weighing up to 100 pounds, these unique connectors make contact with drop wires at 6 points, so fixtures can be safely suspended vertically or at an angle.

Snap2It conduit couplers, fittings, connectors

Snap2It® Conduit Fittings
Ideal for use with both metallic and non-metallic conduits, these fittings simply snap on to create a liquid-tight seal without the need for extra hardware, tools, tapes or messy sealants.

Arlington Drive Ring available sizes

DR Series Drive Rings
From / 25pk
Designed to securely route cables on walls, wood framing and utility poles, these galvanized steel drive rings are corrosion-resistant in wet and dry environments, and feature open-ended loops for easy cable changes.

Black Button Non-Metallic Wire Connectors

Black Button™ Non-Metallic Wire Connectors
Designed to protect the wires being fed into electrical boxes without the use of additional conduit, these wire connectors accommodate up to 2 cables, snap into place without tools, and remove with nothing more than a flat head screwdriver.

Arlington Industries Non-Metallic Wire Bushings

Arlington Industries Non-Metallic Wire Bushings
These Class 2 Wire bushing provide a smooth transition for your cables and keep your drywall safe from damage. Available in 4 common sizes to accommodate standard hole saws.

Arlington Roof Topper with Strut and Threaded Rod Installed

Roof Topper™ Rooftop Conduit Supports
Perfect for raising and supporting conduit 4 inches or larger above roof surfaces per NEC requirements, these rooftop supports require no drilling, are made of UV-rated plastic for long-term use in any climate, and can support up to 2000 lbs.

non-metallic cord grip

Arlington® Non-Metallic Cord Grips
From / 5 per pack
Provides UV and reliable outdoor environmental protection from moisture and heat for cables. Use to connect cables to raceways, junction boxes, combiners and conduit.


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