American Polywater BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive

High-Strength Conduit Sealant

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What's special about this conduit glue?

  • Joins PE, PVC, metal and composite conduit to create an airtight and watertight splice
  • Non-conductive seal keeps your cabling safe from weather conditions without any interference
  • High tensile strength bond keeps your connections from falling apart, even under extreme conditions
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Bonduit® conduit glue keeps your conduit fittings securely attached while creating a complete seal. The easy to apply formula goes on in just seconds, and sets in minutes to save installation time and overall labor costs. In addition, the seal created is impregnable by air or water, to keep your cabling safe from the elements.



AP-BT-KITG BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Kit w/ Dispensing Tool
 – 2 50mL BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges
 – 8 Mixing Nozzles
 – 1 Strip of Sanding Cloth
 – 8 TR-1 Cleaning Wipes
 – 1 Instruction Sheet
 – 1 Dispensing Tool
2 lbs
AP-BT-KIT BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Kit
 – 2 50mL BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges
 – 8 Mixing Nozzles
 – 1 Strip of Sanding Cloth
 – 8 TR-1 Cleaning Wipes
 – 1 Instruction Sheet
1 lb
AP-BT-KITB6G BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Bulk Kit w/ Dispensing Tool
 – 6 individual kits (AP-BT-KIT)
 – 1 Dispensing Tool
5 lbs
AP-BT-KITB6 BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Bulk Kit
 – 6 individual kits (AP-BT-KIT)
5 lbs
AP-BT-TOOL BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Dispensing Tool 1 lb
AP-BT-10NOZZLE BonDuit® Mixing Nozzles - Pack of 10 1 lb
AP-BT-CART12PK BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive - Pack of 12 50mL cartridges 3 lbs
  • Available in several different kits to meet your application requirements
  • Made tough, to be able to handle the rigors of vibration and movement
  • Quick setting, dual tube resins mix during dispensing, so no additional blending process needed
  • Installation is quick and easy, requiring no training or expensive equipment
  • Proudly made in the USA  USA


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Bonds to a variety of materials, including:

  • PVC
  • Fiberglass
  • Polyethylene
  • Metal
  • Thermoplastics


Estimated Load Capacity and Usage

Conduit Diameter Polyethylene Conduit to PVC Standard Coupling
Coupling Length Pullout Force
1" 2-1/8" 530 lbsf
1-1/2" 2-3/8" 1,140 lbsf
2" 2-1/2' 1,520 lbsf
4' 3-3/4" 4,560 lbsf

* Results are based on careful surface preparation and a 24-hour cure at 70° F. Under these conditions, the load will reach 50% after one hour and fully cured in 24 hours. To create air-tight joints for air-assisted cable installation, a cure time of 2 hours at 70° F is recommended.


Number of Applications

Conduit Size Standard Coupling Length Applications per Cartridge
1" 2-1/8" 20-30
1-1/2" 2-3/8" 12-18
2" 2-1/2" 10-15
4' 3-3/4" 4-6



This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.







EMT ConduitEMT Conduit
From / 100 ft
EMT conduit is unthreaded steel raceway made of galvanized steel. Steel Thinwall EMT conduit is easy to cut and easy to bend - reducing waste and installation time. Metal conduit is non-combustible and easily adaptable to future wiring changes.

EMT BushingArlington Industries Insulated EMT Bushings
Designed to cover the rough edges of EMT conduit to prevent cable damage, these tap-on bushings are safe for use in air handling spaces, and are compatible with rigid metal and PVC conduits.


Flexible Steel ConduitFlexible Steel Conduit
Galvanized Steel Conduit is suitable for concealed, exposed, or approved raceways. The flexible conduit is manufactured with a spiral wound strip of corrosion / rust resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel. The natural color Type RWS conduit features a smooth metal interior for easy wiring pulling.

MaxCell innerduct cellsMaxCell Fabric Innerduct 3" 3 Cell
The MaxCell textile innerduct is available in Standard, Plenum, Riser and Detectable versions. This innerduct is an innovative solution for the large-scale and often complicated issues that engineers, contractors, and network providers are often faced with.

anamet electrical flexible conduitAnamet Anaconda Sealtite® Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit NMUA
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NMUA Sealtite® Non-Metallic Liquid-Tight Flexible Conduit is specifically for use in situations that call for a liquid-tight conduit that is able to withstand vibration, movement, oil and corrosives.
flexible rwa conduitAnamet Anaconda Flexible Reduced Wall Aluminum Conduit
From /100'
Anamet RWA Conduit is manufactured from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy which is helically formed into a continuously interlocked flexible metal conduit that is amazingly strong and has the ability to withstand impact and crushing forces.
CableFree cable removal aidAmerican Polywater® CableFree® Cable Removal Aid
From / 1 Quart
This liquid removal aid helps to loosen cables that are stuck to wax, rust, soap, dirt, bitumen and other contaminants that can accumulate inside conduit.

EPR conduit repair kitIPEX EPR Conduit Repair Kits
These Conduit Repair Kits save you time and money by allowing you to fix the problem without resorting to installing a new conduit system. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your application.

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