Non-Metallic Adjustable SliderBox™

Adjustable Depth Without Having to Remove or Relocate Screws


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Non-Metallic Adjustable Sliderbox™

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this electrical box?

  • Innovative slider plate allows the wall box to adjust to varying depths for applications in which additional material such as tile or soundproofing devices are being added to the surface
  • Features a non-slip pad to provide the box and slider assembly a 50 lbs pull strength, to hold securely during power cord pull out
  • Smoothly adjusts for wall substrates from 1/2" to 1 3/8" thick to meet building codes and regulations
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Building codes require your electrical boxes to sit flush against the surface of the wall or ceiling, which means that if you are planning on applying a decorative finish such as ceramic tile on top of your drywall, your electrical box will be recessed and not pass inspection.  With the Sliderbox™, simply loosen the screws and pull the box forward, instead of removing and relocating the entire junction box.

  • Slots in the side of the electrical box retain and guide the slider plate in a straight, fluid motion
  • Slider plate holds screws in the ready position, allowing faster mounting time for contractors
  • Square corner design provides an easy template when installing in old work applications
  • Constructed of molded non-metallic thermoplastic that's perfect for low voltage electrical solutions
  • Multi-gang ceiling boxes feature patented (# 6365831 B1) Speed Klamps™ for easier installation
  • SB-2 and SB-3 are UL listed for a 2 hour fire resistance in walls
  • SB-1, SB-CB, SB-CBFR are UL listed for a 2 hours fire resistance in walls and ceilings
  • Can be used with new or pre-existing construction
  • Fan support Sliderbox™ features a steel bracket and mounting bolts for paddle fan mounting
  • Multi-gang boxes offer internal holding slots for LVP-2 low voltage partitions for dual voltage applications
AMP-SB-1 3-9/16" 2-1/4" 3-3/4" 23" R9379 Non-Metallic Thermoplastic
AMP-SB-2 3-9/16" 4" 3-3/4" 23" R9379
AMP-SB-3 3-9/16" 5-13/16" 3-3/4" 42" R9379
AMP-SB-4 3-1/4" 7-5/8" 3-3/4" 61" R9379
AMP-SB-CB 2-3/4" 4.0" n/a 74.8" R9379
AMP-SB-CBFR 2-3/4" 4.0" n/a 26" R9379
AMP-LVP-2 n/a n/a n/a 26" R9379
Rectangle Electrical Boxes
AMP-SB-1 Internal steel/wood stud screws, 1/2" knockout - 1 Gang 1 Gang 3-9/16" 2-1/4" 3-3/4" 48
AMP-SB-2 Internal steel/wood stud screws, molded-in Speed KlampsTM, two 1/2" knockouts - 2 Gang 2 Gang 3-9/16" 4" 3-3/4" 24
AMP-SB-3 Internal steel/wood stud screws, molded-in Speed KlampsTM, two 1/2" knockouts - 3 Gang 3 Gang 3-9/16" 5-13/16" 3-3/4" 12
AMP-SB-4 Internal steel stud/wood screws, molded-in Speed KlampsTM, two 1/2" knockouts - 4 Gang 4 Gang 3-1/4" 7-5/8" 3-3/4" 6
Round Electrical Boxes
AMP-SB-CB Internal steel/wood stud screws, molded-in Speed KlampsTM, two 1/2" knockouts 1 Gang 2-3/4" 4.0" n/a 12
AMP-SB-CBFR Internal steel/wood stud screws, molded-in Speed KlampsTM, two 1/2" knockouts, paddle fan mounting bracket and screws 1 Gang 2-3/4" 4.0" n/a 12
AMP-LVP-2 Low voltage divider plate for use with SB-2, SB-3, and SB-4 1 Gang n/a n/a n/a 50

Single & Dual electrical Box ExtenderArlington Industries Electrical Box Extenders
The purpose of the Arlington Electrical Box Extender is to allow you to pull out your electrical box so that it lays flush with the newly installed wall covering without having to remove or repositioning the existing box. Talk about a way to save yourself some valuable time and money.

Combo BoxNew Construction Power & Low Voltage Combo Box
Speeding up the installation process is possibly one of the top priorities when it comes to construction projects. Having a Power and Low Voltage combo box can help you save time and money along with making your connections a lot more accessible for the everyday use.


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FSR Plasma LCD ConnectionFSR Plasma / LCD Connection Wall Box
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