Fiber Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves

Sets the Standard Lasting Fiber Splice Protection

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What's special about these wire splice sleeves?

  • Heat shrinkable ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) meltable adhesive tube creates a waterproof and dustproof seal to reduce erosion or weakening of a fiber splice
  • Strength member is made of stainless steel to make the fiber joint stronger and provide extra protection after the fiber optic fusion
  • Open ended assembly minimizes the possibility of air being trapped inside the tube during shrinkage
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RoHS Compliant

AFL Telecommunications offers a wide selection of fiber protection sleeves to meet any application, such as field, factory or laboratory splicing. The FP-03 series is the industry standard for protecting single fiber splices in field installations.


AFL-S000065 FP-03 Splice Protections Sleeves for Single Fiber / 900 Microns 60mm 3.1mm (max) 50 pack LIMITED QUANTITIES

This easy and cost effective method is a great alternative to recoating your fiber optic cables. The standard 40mm and 60mm lengths are readily available, however custom sleeves to accommodate various coating sizes and a variety of lengths are available.

  • Fusion splice sleeves are transparent in color, so it is easy to view the joint point inside
  • FP-03 Series represents the industry's most popular sleeve due to its robust design and user friendly size
  • Sealing structure provides good performance for splicing in environments with varying temperatures and humidity levels
  • Provides dependable protection to fiber optic splicing to ensure your network runs at optimal speed
  • Full length stainless steel strength member provides performance protection to the delicate fiber splices
  • Tubes are clear so you can view the color of the fiber after splicing
  • FP-03 Series sleeves used for single fibers up to 900 microns
  • Operating temperature from -10° to 50° C
  • RoHS and SVHC Compliant
  • Outer tube meets SAE AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 2
  • 18-month manufacturer's warranty


Fusion Splicing has many advantages as explained below:

  1. Fusion splicing is very compact
  2. Fusion splicing has the lowest insertion loss
  3. Fusion splicing has the lowest back reflection (optical return loss ORL)
  4. Fusion splicing has the highest mechanical strength
  5. Fusion splicing is permanent
  6. Fusion splicing can withstand extreme high temperature changes
  7. Fusion splicing prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the optical path



Part # AFL-S000065 - FP-03 AFL-S000206 - FP-03(40)
Sleeve Length 60mm 40mm
Fiber Cleave Length 16mm 10mm
Sleeve Diameter After Shrink 3.1mm (max) 3.1mm (max)
Outer Tube Polyolefin based on Polyethylene Polyolefin based on Polyethylene
Inner Tube Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
Strength Member Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Operation Condition
(after shrink)
-10° to 50° C, 0-95%RH -10° to 50° C, 0-95%RH
Storage Condition
(before shrink)
-40° to 60°C -40° to 60°C
Tensile Strength ASTM D 2671 18 (Mpa)
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 2671 700 (%)
Density ISO R1183D 0.94 (g/cm2)
Dielectric Strength (KV/mm) IEC243 20 (g/cm2)
Dielectric Constant IEC243 2.5
Longitudinal Change ASTM D 2671 ±5 (%)





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