AFL® LightLink™ 24 Slim-Line Fiber Optic Pedestal

An Affordable Way to Bring Data and Cable TV Services to Any Location

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What's special about these fiber housings?

  • Stores, protects, and distributes up to 144 mass fusion fiber splices between the hub and any service destination
  • Fully supported by burial, eliminating the need for large concrete bases or anchors
  • Burial guidelines on base ensure correct mounting height for the most stable and secure installation
  • Ideal for low-cabling fiber applications, including FTTx, Local Area Networks, and OSP plant
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AFL® Slimline Fiber Optic Pedestals are a great solution for routing services to remote locations or just setting up access points along longer FTTx applications. These versatile but cost-effective enclosures are made for low density cabling but contain all the features you would expect from a quality OSP fiber housing, including cable management options and rugged weather-resistant construction, and even provide the option of running copper cables, delivering a multitude of services in one compact station.


AFL-FE000086 LightLink 24 Slim-Line Pedestal 10" D x 40.5" H
(25.4 x 102.8 cm)
10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)
AFL-FA000045 LL-2448-48S Fiber Optic Splice Tray (48 single fusion splices)
AFL-LL-2400 LL-2400 Small Fiber Optic Tray (24 single fusion splices)
AFL-LL-4848 LL-4848 Mass Fusion Tray
AFL-FE000206 Slim FTTx to Device Pedestal with 1x4 splitter
AFL-FE000207 Slim FTTx to Device Pedestal with 1x8 splitter
AFL-DM000690 MK-216+ Can Wrench: A full featured 216 wrench with 3/8" hex, 7/16" hex, a 3 size drop wire splitter, and a 4 size wire stripper
  • Includes all cable routing, mounting, and grounding hardware needed for fast and accurate installation
  • Fibers in buffer tubes and coaxial cables can be attached to the mounting plate with cable ties, a simple and solid cable management solution
  • Side opposite fibers may be used for copper splices, making this pedestal a great option for bringing a variety of services to a remote location
  • Opened with a standard 216 service enclosure tool for hassle-free access
  • Thick, durable PVC construction is moisture proof and resistant to wind, abrasion, and corrosion





  • BellCore GR-13
  • UL Listed


LightLink 24 Slim-Line Pedestal

diagram of slim-line fiber optic pedestal A 27"
(685.8 mm)
B 13"
(330 mm)
C 31.5"
(800 mm)
D 9"
(228.6 mm)
E 8.25"
(209.5 mm)
F 6.5"
(165 mm)
Backplate 23"
(584 mm)







Contractor Series Fiber Test KitAFL Noyes™ Contractor Series Fiber Test Kit
Designed specifically for all-in-one optical loss testing, this kit combines an optical power meter with LED and laser light sources, all of which are calibrated to be used together, saving you the hassle of syncing separately-purchased components.
Cletop Automatic Ferrule Connector CleanerCletop Automatic Ferrule Connector Cleaner
Designed to be more effective and less time consuming than most common fiber cleaning methods, this economical all-in-one unit cleans fiber connector ferrules in just one swipe, and leaves no signal-hindering residue behind.
Fiber Optic ConnectorsFAST™ Fiber Optic Connectors
These multi-piece connectors use mechanically sliced ferrules and index-matching gel to create fast, low-loss fiber terminations in the field without the need for end polishing.
LightLink LANSystem Rackmount ShelfAFL LightLink™ LANSystem® Rackmount Optical Splice Shelf
The LightLink™ LANSystem® Fiber Splice Shelf is the perfect solution for providing an entry point for optical fibers coming from OSP locations. Able to accommodate up to 832 fibers in just 4U of rack space, these high-density fiber housings are ruggedly built and contain bend-radius control cable management.

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