AFL® Fujikura® CT-30 Series Fiber Optic Cleavers

A Professional Tool for Accurate Fiber Preparation

Low Price Guarantee Cleavers




What's special about this fiber preparation tool?

  • Precisely cuts fibers for termination or fusion splicing
  • Large base offers great stability while making a larger portion of the fiber visible during placement for a more accurate cut
  • Provides up to 48,000 cleaves per blade (4,000 12-fiber cleaves) for maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Ideal for precise fiber optic cutting in manufacturing, military, and preparation for fusion splicing in network installations
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Accurate fiber optic cleaving is necessary for precise termination. AFL® CT-30 Series Optical Fiber Cleavers contain a super sharp and durable 48,000 cycle blade that is guaranteed to cut fibers very smoothly. Clean and safe jobs are ensured with its included scrap collection boxes. Each kit includes a hard carrying case to protect the unit in transit through your busy installation schedule.



AFL-S014076 CT-30 Fiber Optic Cleaver Fiber Ribbons (up to 12 fibers) 10mm 2.7" W x 3.2" D x 1.6" H [69mm x 82mm x 41mm] 0.4 lb [180g]
AFL-S014080 CT-30A Fiber Optic Cleaver Single Fibers 900µm: 10-20mm
250µm: 6-20mm
2.7" W x 3.2" D x 1.6" H [69mm x 82mm x 41mm] 0.4 lb [180g]



AFL-S012828 Replacement Blade for CT-30 Series Cleavers (works for all CT-30 series cleavers)
Note: blade should be replaced about every 48,000 cleaves
AFL-S014096 AD-30A Adapter Plate : allows adjustable cleave length for full customization
AFL-S014100 AD-30B Adapter Plate : has a fixed 16mm cleave length to make jobs easier
AFL-S014092 FC-02 Fiber Collector : mount for FDB-02 and FDB-03 Scrap Boxes
AFL-S014104 FDB-02 Small Fiber Collector Scrap Box : collects shards as you cleave for easy disposal
AFL-S014483 FDB-03 Large Fiber Collector Scrap Box : collects shards as you cleave for easy disposal
AFL-S014353 SC-01 Side Cover : collects fiber shards when a collection box is undesirable
AFL-S014388 HBA-01 Fiber Holder Base Attachment : attaches to the base of the cleaver, holding fibers firmly during cleaving for more accurate results
AFL-S014484 CC-21 Carry Case for CT-30 Series Cleaver : protects the cleaver and all included equipment
  • Out-of-service parts are affordable and easily replaced by the user, keeping operational costs down
  • Two versions available to suit your application:
    • CT-30: Cleaves fiber ribbons up to 12 fibers
    • CT-30A: Cleaves 900µm and 250µm single fibers
  • Three scrap collection options:
    • Small Collection Box (AFL-S014104): Great for smaller jobs and users who prefer the most compact profile available
    • Large Collection Box (AFL-S014483): Great for saving time on larger jobs
    • Side Cover (AFL-S014353): The best option for users who prefer to use their own external method of waste disposal


Each kit includes:

  • AD-30A Adapter Plate (CT-30A only)
  • FC-02 Fiber Collector
  • FDB-02 Small Scrap Box
  • FDB-03 Large Scrap Box
  • SC-01 Side Cover
  • CC-21 Carrying Case
  • 1.5mm Hex Wrench for changing parts


Part # AFL-S014076 AFL-S014080
Application Fiber ribbons (up to 12 fibers) Single Fibers
Cleave Length 10mm 900µm: 10-20mm
250µm: 6-20mm
Applicable Fiber Conventional silica optical fiber Conventional silica optical fiber
Coating Diameter 250µm to 900µm 250µm to 900µm
Cladding Diameter 125µm 125µm
Cleave Angle Capability typically < 0.5° typically < 0.5°
Blade Lifetime 48,000 fiber cleaves (4,000 12-fiber cleaves) 48,000 fiber cleaves (4,000 12-fiber cleaves)
Dimensions 2.7" W x 3.2" D x 1.6" H
[69mm x 82mm x 41mm]
2.7" W x 3.2" D x 1.6" H
[69mm x 82mm x 41mm]
Weight 0.4 lb [180g] 0.4 lb [180g]






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