FAST™ Connector Universal Tool Kit

All In One Installation Kit for On the Job Fiber Termination

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What's special about this fiber installation tool kit?

  • Works with FAST LC/SC/ST connectors to deliver clean, precise fiber preparations and terminations
  • Compatible with either 250μm/900μm fibers or 900μm, 2mm, or 3mm cordage allowing for a wide range of fiber applications
  • Includes a universal multimode/single-mode cleaver with a 16- position blade and a fiber scrap collector to make the perfect cut
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RoHS Compliant

AFL’s FAST™ Connector Universal Tool Kit was designed to work perfectly with their line of FAST connectors.  This all in one kit seamlessly terminates the three most popular connector types; ST, SC, and LC. Perfect for quick repairs or replacements in areas such as your home office, network enclosure or FTTx applications.



AFL-CS001201 FAST Connector Installation Kit
Includes: Fast SC and LC assembly tool;, 3mm, 2mm and 0.25/0.9mm cable clamp; cleaver, fiber stripper; Kevlar scissors; fiber preparation fluid; Lintfree cloth wipes; marker pen; installation instructions; strip length template; assembly video (CD); carrying case
2.5 lbs
AFL-S014080 Universal Cleaver Tool - CT30A
Includes: AD-30A Adapter plate; FC-02 fiber collector; FDB-02 small scrap box; FDB-03 large scrap box; SC-01 side cover (installed)
0.4 lb

  • All standard termination tools are enclosed  inside a compact flexible protective case which contains adequate storage for additional FAST LC/SC/ST connectors
  • Contains all the industry standard tools required for preparing and terminating a variety of fiber
  • The CT-30A fiber cleaver can yield up to 48,000 cleaves on one blade before needing replacement, and the built in scrap collector conveniently stores fiber shards until they can be safely discarded
  • Can be used with or without a visual fault finder to ensure a proper connection
  • Required for assembly of AFL’s line of FAST connectors
  • RoHS compliant
  • ISO 9001/TL 9000


Kit Includes:

  • FAST SC Assembly Tool
  • FAST LC Assembly Tool
  • 3mm Cable Clamp
  • 2mm Cable Clamp
  • 0.25/0.9mm Cable Clamp
  • Fiber Stripper
  • Kevlar Scissors
  • Fiber Preparation Fluid
  • Lintfree Cloth Wipes
  • Marker Pen
  • Installation Instructions
  • Strip Length Template
  • Assembly Video (CD)
  • Carrying Case
  • CT-30A Universal Cleaver (included in kit)
    • AD-30A Adapter Plate
    • FC-02 Fiber Collector
    • FDB-02 Scrap Box (small)
    • FDB-03 Scrap Box (large)
    • SC-01 Side Cover (installed)
Blade Lifetime 48,000 fiber cleaves (4,000 12-fiber cleaves)
Cleave Angle Capability typically <0.5°
Dimensions 69mm W x 82mm D x 41mm H
Weight 180g (0.4 lb)







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