AFL Armored Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable

High-Quality Circular Premise Cable Designed for Use in Harsh Conditions

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What's special about this line of armored fiber optic cable?

  • Professional-grade circular premise cable (CPC) jacketed with a UL 1651 listed, aluminum interlocking armor for  increased rodent resistance and additional protection in harsh industrial environments
  • Flexible, rugged, and lightweight aluminum jacket offers the perfect balance of protection and usability required for use in manufacturing plants and heavy machinery
  • Available in 6 and 12 fiber counts, in either 9/125μm single-mode, 62.5/125μm multimode GIGA-Link™ 300, or 50/125μm multimode Laser-Link 300 performances, to provide greater flexibility when designing or upgrading your network infrastructure
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AFL Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable with aluminum interlocking armor jacket provides a flexible, durable, and affordable solution for routing cables in environments prone to abrasion, friction, stress and other harsh conditions. These armored circular premise cables are engineered to meet and exceed the latest standards in performance and reliability, for use in even the most demanding network infrastructures.


Additional fiber count, lengths, and styles available for special order, please call one of our helpful Customer Service Representatives Toll Free at (866) 222-0030 for more assistance or questions.


9/125μm Single-Mode
AFL-CP0069441001-AIAP 6 Fiber Aluminum Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Indoor Plenum Rated Yellow 500 Feet 65 lbs
AFL-CP0129551001-AIAP 12 Fiber Aluminum Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Indoor Plenum Rated Yellow 500 Feet 65 lbs

  • Plenum rated to satisfy building regulations for routing cables in ducts, crawlspaces, airways, drop ceilings, raised flooring, etc.
  • Durable inner PVC jacket provides additional protection from abrasion and stress in high-tension applications
  • Armored jacket provides an economical and time-saving alternative to running cables through additional ducts or conduit for protection
  • Tested to meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-B.3 specifications
  • Tested to GR-409-CORE requirements


Mechanical Data
Fiber Count Nominal Diameter Weight Installation Tension Long Term Tension Installation Bending Radius Long Term Bending Radius
Inches mm lbs./1000ft kg/km lbs. N lbs. N Inches cm Inches cm
6 0.48" 12.2 mm 125 lbs. 186 kg 286 lbs. 1272 N 143 636 N 7.2" 18.2 cm 4.8" 12.2 cm
12 0.53" 13.5 mm 132 lbs. 196 kg 239 lbs. 1063 N 119 529 N 8.0" 20.3 cm 5.3" 13.4 cm
Core Size / Fiber Type Maximum Attenuation (dB/KM) Overfill Launch min. Bandwidth (MHz•KM) EMBc (MHz•KM) Gigabit Ethernet min. Link Distance (Meters) 10 Gigabit Ethernet min. Link Distance (Meters)
850nm 1300nm 1550nm 850nm 1300nm 850nm 1300nm 850nm 1300nm
9/125μm single-mode N/A 0.5 0.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A 5,000 N/A 10,000
62.5/125μm Giga-Link™ 300 3.5 1.2 N/A 200 600 N/A 300 350 32 -
50/125μm Laser-Link 300 3 1.2 N/A 1,500 500 2,000 1,000 550 300 -






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