AFL DCSU Fiber Storage Unit

Store, Protect, and Organize Slack for Fiber Optic Cable Drops

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What's special about this fiber optic cable storage unit?

  • Unique horseshoe design maintains proper bend radius for safe storage and organization of fiber optic cable in aerial and below-ground applications
  • Flared ends prevent delicate cables from chafing and premature deterioration
  • Constructed from weather-resistant, lightweight aluminum to withstand grueling outdoor environments, while providing long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance
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The AFL DCSU Fiber Storage Unit is specifically designed for storing fiber cable slack that is either leftover or needs to be stored for future use in placing a multiport terminal. This fiber storage kit includes all the necessities for outdoor aerial and utility pole mounting to provide greater versatility, while keeping cables protected and safely organized.


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AFL-FA-47 AFL DCSU Drop Fiber Storage Unit and Mounting Hardware 2 lbs
  • Includes all mounting hardware for installation on aerial strands and utility poles, or in below-grade hand holes
  • Brackets requires only a single tool for mounting, helping to reduce installation time and labor costs
  • Keyed mounting bracket keeps unit securely in place to prevent twisting and excessive strain on fibers
  • Meets minimum bend radius requirements of fiber optic cable, while allowing the span of preserved fiber to be adjusted to ensure proper installation and longevity of fibers
  • Units are stackable for high-density applications by simply using a longer mounting bolt
  • Fibers are gently held in place by spring-type lockable fingers, and require no cable ties or other cable management products for proper installation
  • Meets ASTM specifications A153 and B695


Part # AFL-FA-47
Nom. Channel Width in. (cm) 1.25" (3.18)
Min. Bend Diameter in. (cm) 8" (20.32)
Ends Flared
Mounting hardware Includes hardware for aerial, pole or below-grade hand holes
Material Aluminum with a baked acrylic enamel finish
ASTM A153 and B695






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