AFL Fast Fiber Optic Connectors

FAST™ Fiber Optic Connectors
These multi-piece connectors use mechanically sliced ferrules and index-matching gel to create fast, low-loss fiber terminations in the field without the need for end polishing.

field master fiber optic connectors

Field Master® SC, ST, LC Fiber Optic Connectors
Built in accordance with a wide variety of standards for easy interoperability with a range of media equipment, these fiber connectors deliver precise, field-tested terminations that are both long-lasting and affordable.

FuseConnect MPO

FuseConnect™ MPO Fusion Spliced Field-Terminated Fiber Optic Connectors
From / 6 per pack
Designed for use with loose tube and ribbon fiber optic cables, these no-polish, adhesive-free connectors increase the efficiency of field installations while accommodating up to 12 fibers per port.


AFL Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armored Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable
From / 500FT
Ideal for use in harsh industrial environments as well as plenum, raised floor and duct applications, these armored fiber optic cables remain flexible while warding off damage from abrasion, friction, and even gnawing rodents.

AFL Plenum & Riser Fiber Optic Cable

Plenum/Riser Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable
From / 4,000 FT
Ideal for the networking demands of government offices, CATV hubs, trunking lines, building interconnects and long-haul networks, these plenum- and riser-rated fiber cables are engineered to the latest standards, and are available in many styles to accommodate new and existing networks.


One Click Cleaners

One-Click Cleaner
Containing enough single-use cleaning tapes for 500 fiber optic connector cleanings, these push-action cleaning tools remove lint, dust and oils without the use of alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

fiber optic connector cleaner, 8500-10-0016MZ

Cletop Automatic Ferrule Connector Cleaner
Designed to be more effective and less time consuming than most common fiber cleaning methods, this economical all-in-one unit cleans fiber connector ferrules in just one swipe, and leaves no signal-hindering residue behind.

Fusion Splicing

fiber fusion splice protection sleeve

Fiber Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves
Designed to create fast and durable fiber optic splices in even hot and humid environments, these heat-shrink sleeves provide a waterproof and dustproof seal when shrunken into place.

AFL Fujikura Pocket Fiber Cleaver

Fujikura Pocket Fiber Cleaver
Perfect for prepping fibers for temporary or mechanical splices, this compact and lightweight fiber cleaver can perform up to 1000 cleaves, and fits into any fiber optic tool kit to eliminate the need for bulky and expensive precision cleavers.

AFL fujikura fiber optic cleaver, CT-30

Fujikura® CT-30 Series Fiber Optic Cleavers
Fiber optic cutting tool, has 16 rotating positions and 3 height positions delivers up to 48, 000 precise cleaves that meets or exceeds manufacturing and military requirements.

FSM-60S fusion splicer

Fujikura FSM-60S Core Alignment Fiber Optic Single Fusion Splicer
Designed to join two optical fiber ends in only 39 seconds, this fusion splicer automatically protects splices with reinforced sleeves, lets you view the process in real time on a built-in screen, and displays optical loss readings when each splice is complete.

Tools and Equipment

AFL Fast Connector Tool Kit

FAST™ Connector Universal Tool Kit
Designed to work with AFL’s line of FAST fiber optic connectors, this all-in-one kit has everything you need to strip, clean, mark, cleave and terminate optical fibers packed into a convenient carrying case.

Test and Inspection

CKM2 Noyes fiber optic testers

Noyes® Multimode Fiber Test Kit
Able to test on four different wavelengths, this fiber optic test kit combines a light source and an optical power meter for full optical loss testing on multimode cables.

AFL Noyes OPM5 Power Meter

Noyes® OPM5 Optical Power Meter
Compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber, this unit is able to automatically detect and set wavelength, and tests for power and insertion loss all in one, so there’s no need for separate testers.

Noyes Fiber Test Kit

Noyes® Contractor Series Fiber Test Kit
Designed specifically for all-in-one optical loss testing, this kit combines an optical power meter with LED and laser light sources, all of which are calibrated to be used together, saving you the hassle of syncing separately-purchased components.

Noyes ONT detector, OFI-FTTx

Noyes® Active Optical Network Terminal Detector
Designed to remotely detect the presence of active ONTs at the fiber distribution hub, this tester works at any point between the splitter and customer ONT regardless of distance, and completes a test cycle in just one second.

Enclosures and Patch Panels


Aerial Weathertight Fiber Optic Splice Closures
Designed to reduce labor expenses and the amount of materials needed, these aerial fiber splice enclosures are weathertight, and allow technicians to add additional cables as needed, without disturbing existing fibers.

AFL Xpress Fiber Management Patch Panel, AFL-FM001090-B

Xpress Fiber Management™ 4RU Patch Panels
Built specifically to handle the demands of high-density fiber cable terminations, these sturdy but lightweight patch panels feature a range of adjustable mounting depths, and are available with an optional keyed lock for added security.

AFL Xpress Fiber Management Optical Cassettes

Xpress Fiber Management™ Optical Cassettes
Ideal for data centers, inter-office cross connects and campus environments, these cassettes transition from multi-fiber ribbon breakouts to simplex or duplex connectors for easy fiber network management.

Optical Splice Shelf

LightLink™ LANSystem Rackmount Optical Splice Shelf
The LightLink™ LANSystem® Fiber Splice Shelf is the perfect solution for providing an entry point for optical fibers coming from OSP locations. Able to accommodate up to 832 fibers in just 4U of rack space, these high-density fiber housings are ruggedly built and contain bend-radius control cable management.

LightLink 400B with 1212 Pedestal

LightLink™ 400B Fiber Optic Outdoor Enclosure
Ideal for protecting vital fiber splices in an outdoor setting without the hassle and expense of installing a slab-mounted enclosure, this fiber enclosure accommodates up to 432 mass (or 240 single) fusion splices, to protect them from weather, damage and theft.

LightLink 24 Slim-Line Fiber Optic Pedestal

LightLink™ 24 Slim-Line Fiber Optic Pedestal
Perfect for FTTx, LAN and Outside Plant fiber applications, this fiber optic pedestal houses up to 144 mass fusion splices between the hub and any service destination, and gives the option of running copper-based cables at the same time.


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