Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Easy to Cut and Install Sleeving for High Abrasion Applications

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What's special about this fiberglass sleeving?

  • 155° C Temperature Rating
  • GSA approved
  • Resists solvents and engine fluids
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • High abrasion resistance
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Acrylic Fiberglass (ACR) sleeving is composed of modified acrylic resin that has been continuously coated over premium electrical grade braided fiberglass sleeving.


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AWG Size Min. Diameter Max.
Spool Size "A" Grade "C-1" Grade
Colors: Black, White, Natural Colors: Black, White, Natural
Part # Price Part # Price
24 0.022 0.027 500 SPACRA024G
SPACRC024G Temp. Out of Stock
22 0.027 0.032 500 SPACRA022G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC022G Temp. Out of Stock
20 0.034 0.039 500 SPACRA020G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC020G Temp. Out of Stock
18 0.042 0.049 500 SPACRA018G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC018G Temp. Out of Stock
17 0.047 0.054 500 SPACRA017G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC017G Temp. Out of Stock
16 0.053 0.061 500 SPACRA016G
SPACRC016G Temp. Out of Stock
15 0.059 0.066 500 SPACRA015G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC015G Temp. Out of Stock
14 0.066 0.072 500 SPACRA014G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC014G Temp. Out of Stock
13 0.076 0.080 250 SPACRA013G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC013G Temp. Out of Stock
12 0.085 0.089 250 SPACRA012G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC012G Temp. Out of Stock
11 0.095 0.101 250 SPACRA011G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC011G Temp. Out of Stock
10 0.106 0.112 250 SPACRA010G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC010G Temp. Out of Stock
9 0.118 0.124 250 SPACRA009G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC009G
8 0.133 0.141 250 SPACRA008G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC008G Temp. Out of Stock
7 0.148 0.158 250 SPACRA007G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC007G
6 0.166 0.178 250 SPACRA006G
5 0.186 0.198 250 SPACRA005G
4 0.208 0.224 250 SPACRA004G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC004G
3 0.234 0.249 250 SPACRA003G
2 0.263 0.278 250 SPACRA002G
SPACRC002G Temp. Out of Stock
1 0.294 0.311 100 SPACRA001G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC001G Temp. Out of Stock
0 0.330 0.347 100 SPACRA000G Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC000G Temp. Out of Stock
1/4" 0.250 0.264 250 SPACRA025 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC025
3/8" 0.387 0.399 100 SPACRA0375
7/16" 0.450 0.462 100 SPACRA0438 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC0438 Temp. Out of Stock
1/2" 0.512 0.524 100 SPACRA050 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC050
5/8" 0.640 0.655 100 SPACRA0625 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC0625 Temp. Out of Stock
3/4" 0.786 0.786 100 SPACRA075
SPACRC075 Temp. Out of Stock
7/8" 0.893 0.911 100 SPACRA0875 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC0875 Temp. Out of Stock
1" 1.018 1.036 100 SPACRA100 Temp. Out of Stock SPACRC100 Temp. Out of Stock

This material possesses excellent flexibility and cut through resistance to mechanical abrasion and is fully compatible with all magnet and wire coatings as well as insulating varnishes such as polyesters, epoxies, phenolics, and Formvar. Acrylic coated fiberglass tubing is rated class 155° C thermally and is an approved component in UL insulating systems.

Acrylic coated sleeving is a “universal” sleeving used in fractional as well as integral horsepower motor leadouts and crossovers, dry and oil-filled transformers, welding apparatus and as insulation in coils. Because of the versatility and high thermal rating it has also found applications in many consumer appliances, lighting fixtures, stoves, oven and furnace controls, relays, breaker panels, switchgear, and other commercial and industrial apparatus.

  • Compliant with the European Union's Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive
  • Contains no asbestos
  • Non-corrosive to metals.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, fungus and chemical attack
  • Grade A, Grade C Dielectric strength


Physical Properties (coating)

Resistance to:
Thermal Class 155° C Oils excellent
Brittle point -25° C Acids and Alkalis excellent
NEMA TF-1 Type 6 Solvents good
ASTM D372 Corona good
    Fungus good


Dielectric Grade Part # Min. Ave. Breakdown Min. Indiv.
A SPACRA 7000 6000
C-1 SPACRC 2500 1500

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