Thermocutter Blades

The Must-Have Accessory for Your Thermocutter

Thermocutter Blades

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Thermocutter Blades

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  • Replacement T3 Angled Edge Blade for Thermocutter icon
  • Replacement T3 0.6 millimeter standard angled Blade for Thermocutter icon
  • Replacement T06 0.6 millimeter rounded edge Blade for Thermocutter icon
  • Replacement T015 0.6 millimeter spade shaped Blade for Thermocutter icon
  • Replacement T08 low melting point flat Blade for Thermocutter icon

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these Thermocutter blades ?

  • Variety of blades available to suit your every heat cutting application
  • Designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the blade for precision cutting
  • Specialty flanges for a better controlled cutting
  • Blade temperature cools as it enters material to avoid melting
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Thermocutter blades are a perfect teammate for your Thermocutter ZETZ-9 and Thermocutter ZETZ-24 hot knives. Many designs are obtainable for just about any application. Constructed to withstand the intense heat and allowing you to maintain complete control over the cutting of the material, these blades are the perfect addition to your industrial cutting needs.

  • Heat concentrates along the cutting edges for added safety
  • Temperatures prior to insertion will be between 100º C and 800º C (212º F and 1472º F)
  • Perfect for cutting and de-burring of:
    • Natural and synthetic rubber
    • Rubber sheets 30-80 Shore
    • Rubber with textile
    • PVC boards, foils and sheets
    • Cutting off and heat-sealing fabric piles, industrial tubings, profile gaskets
    • Car trim and upholstery, cutouts in instrument panels
    • Roof and wall insulation boards up to 125 mm thickness of foam
    • Silicone gaskets for construction joints
    • Floor and wall claddings, including bituminous materials
    • Profile gaskets of PVC and Neoprene rubber for window and doorframes
    • Subsequent welding or gluing
    • Electrical installations like conduit and trunking channels, insulating cables and leads


Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length Uses Shape
ABB-T3/15 0.6 mm 15 mm All Purpose Cutting Angled Edge
T 3
ABB-T3/30 0.6 mm 30 mm
ABB-T3/50 0.6 mm 50 mm
ABB-T3/90 0.6 mm 90 mm
ABB-T3/125 0.6 mm 125 mm
ABB-T06 0.6 mm 2 mm Heat sealing the edges to prevent fraying from synthetic fibers and textiles Rounded Edge
T 06
ABB-T015/.6 0.6 mm 35 mm Suitable for mounting installations Spade Edge
T 015
ABB-T015/.8 0.8 mm 35 mm
ABB-T015/1.0 1.0 mm 35 mm
ABB-T08/50 0.8 mm 50 mm Seamless joining of materials in subsequent sealing or gluing operations Flat Edge
T 08
ABB-T08/75 0.8 mm 75 mm
ABB-T08/100 0.8 mm 100 mm
ABB-T3/15 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 15 mm Standard Blade Pkg/6 15mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T3/30 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 30 mm Standard Blade Pkg/6 30 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T3/50 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 50 mm Standard Blade Pkg/6 50 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T3/90 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 90 mm Standard Blade Pkg/2 90 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T3/125 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 125 mm Standard Blade Pkg/2 125 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T06 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 3mm Rounded Edge Blade 1 3 mm 0.1 lb
ABB-T015/.6 Thermocutter Blade - 0.6 mm, 35 mm Spade Shaped Blade 1 35 mm 0.2 lb
ABB-T015/.8 Thermocutter Blade - 0.8 mm, 35 mm Spade Shaped Blade 1 35 mm 0.2 lb
ABB-T015/1.0 Thermocutter Blade - 1.0 mm, 35 mm Spade Shaped Blade 1 35 mm 0.2 lb
ABB-T08/50 ZETZ-24 08mm, 50 mm Low Melting Point Blade 1 50 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T08/75 ZETZ-24 08mm, 75 mm Low Melting Point Blade 1 75 mm 0.3 lb
ABB-T08/100 ZETZ-24 08mm, 100mm Low Melting Point Blade 1 100 mm 0.3 lb

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ZETZ-24 and ZETZ-25 ThermocutterZETZ-24 and ZETZ-25 Thermocutter
The ZETZ-24 features an electrically heated blade designed for cutting thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. This unit is designed for continuous, industrial operation: including on-off batch production. Set for ON/OFF or CONTINOUS operation at the flip of a switch. It uses very little power and decreases temperature buildup in the handle.

Hand Held Hot KnifeHand Held Hot Knife
110 volt A.C., fast heating. This soldering gun doubles as an inexpensive braided sleevings cutting and sealing tool.

Bench Mount Hot KnifeBench Mount Hot Knife
110 volt A.C., 165 watts, fast heating (up to 1200° F), lighted switch. Allows for fast cutting and sealing of braided sleevings all at the same time. Warms up in only 8 seconds.
Wire LoomColored Wire Loom
From / FT
Split loom corrugated tubing is ideal for wrapping up your cables and organizing them into a neat package. Instead of having multiple tangled wires and cables, you are left with one neat and orderly cable bundle.
Non-Fray Braided SleevingNon-Fray Braided Sleeving
From per ft.
PET NF expandable braided sleevings are innovative fray resistant coverings for wires, cables, and hose assemblies. PET NF offers easy field installation without the need for a hot knife. The unique design offers full coverage, flexibility, excellent abrasion protection and a finished end that resists fraying.

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