WireMate™ Cord Organizer

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this cord organizer?

  • Eliminate wire tangles and clutter
  • Prevent accidents and tripping over cords
  • Protect your wires and connections
  • Preserves your equipment configuration
  • Mounts in seconds with 3M double sided self adhesive tape
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WMATE Wiremate Cord Organizer 14"L x 8"W x 2"H Black, White, Gray Was $19.49 -


More Features:

The WireMate™ is an enclosed device that provides for the orderly realignment and consolidation of tangling wires which exist with most electronic equipment setups. They include power cords, printer cables, speaker cables, telephone wires, DSL and DV connections and many other applications. It has only two parts, a base and cover, and a very unique and inclusive design setting it apart from all other partial solutions.

Base and cover only, no other parts to assemble or break
Unit dimensions: 14"L X 8"W X 2"H
Molded high-impact polystyrene resin
Weight: 1.12 lbs
Average storage capacity: (6-12) wires - (1-2) per column of posts x (6) columns

Mounting material included:
4 (1" X 1/2" ) double sided adhesive tape which works in all installations.
4 pan head (combo) 3/4" zinc plated self taping screws with
4 nylon 3/4" inserts.

Unique design blends with most décors.
Colors - white, gray, black
Patent pending


How it works:

through the entry of the base unit, the wire excess flows through the channels for looping, aligning to posts, and exiting through either end of the unit depending on the specific application.

This device has been engineered and manufactured to encase a surprisingly large amount of wires/cables. Once the wires are set up, an attractive cover is provided which firmly snaps on the base concealing the wires. The device, through the provided tape which works in all install situations (or by optional screws), can be mounted to a wall, desk panel, configuration component or remain free standing.

Set Up Installation


White WireMate™ White WireMate™ (inside) Gray WireMate™
cover for white wiremate inside panel for wiremate cord organizer cover for gray WireMate cord organizer


Organized Workspace


before WireMate after WireMate
before WireMate After WireMate
entertainment center with wiremate wiremate closed on entertainment center
under work bench before WireMate work bench after WireMate




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