Heavy Duty 3-Channel Cable Guard®

Protect Cables or Hoses From Intense Traffic

Low Price Guarantee


What's special about this cord cover with 3 channels?

  • Protect sensitive and expensive cables and/or hoses from extremely heavy traffic (up to 17,500 lbs)
  • 3 separate 2" wide channels to fit most power cords, hose lines, communication cables, and more
  • The lid has fasteners to help keep the cover down and prevent unintentionally opening it
  • Unit is light and comes with handles to make moving it easier
  • Left and right turns available to continue heavy duty protection around corners or other obstacles
  • Flexible guard contours to the shape of the ground
  • Polyurethane makes it great for cold weather resistance
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When cable or hose protection is crucial, a Cable Guard® cord cover should be first choice. This heavy duty cord protector has 3 channels up to 2" wide to hold those sensitive power cords, hose lines or any other wire you do not want trampled or tripped over.


CP-3125-BO Cable Guard 3 Channel (1.25") Cord Cover
CP-3200-BO Cable Guard 3 Channel (2") Cord Cover
CPEC-3200 Cable Guard 3 Channel (2") End Cap (pair)
CPY-L-3200 Cable Guard 3 Channel (2") 45° Left Turn
CPY-R-3200 Cable Guard 3 Channel (2") 45° Right Turn

In the Construction and Utilities Industry very expensive electrical or hose cables need protection from heavy machinery and adverse weather conditions. In the Entertainment Industry, the power and telecommunications cables always need protection from local automobile traffic. Indoors they would need protection from heavy pedestrian traffic. Wherever there are cables and people, there is a need for Cable Guard®.

One of the things that make these Cable Guards® unique is their button down lids. No other brand has this feature.


CP-3125-BO 1.25" 1.25" 1.75" 36" 13" 17,500 lbs per tire 16 lbs
CP-3200-BO 2" 2" 2.5" 36" 19" 17,500 lbs per tire 28 lbs
CPEC-3200 2" 2" 2.5" 6" 19" 17,500 lbs per tire 7 lbs
CPY-L-3200 2" 2" 2.5" 26" 26" 17,500 lbs per tire 16 lbs
CPY-R-3200 2" 2" 2.5" 26" 26" 17,500 lbs per tire 16 lbs




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