3M™ X90/X90w/X95/X95i Digital Projector Accessories

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What's special about these media projectors?

  • Wireless and PC-less capabilities allow you to reduce the massive amount of cable clutter and control the projector either from a remote location or from an SD or USB memory stick
  • Clear, bright 5,000 ANSI lumens allow the projector to be used in mid to large sized spaces like conference rooms, lecture auditoriums or even for public displays
  • Save on maintenance costs and prolong the life of this multimedia projector through the inorganic LCD panels and new hybrid filter
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3M offers a wide range of digital projectors to suit just about anyone’s application.  Model X95i truly has almost any feature someone could be looking for. Offers superior picture, sound and connectivity options.  These innovative design ideas make it easy for this multimedia presentation system to be placed in any environment.


Please Note: The Digital Projector has been discontinued, but the accessories are still available below.

Accessories for the X90/X90w/X95/X95i Projectors

3M-78-6969-9890-1 X90/X90w/X95/X95i Short Throw Lens (LENS ONLY) – focal length 20.0 - 31.9mm DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9891-9 X90/X90w/X95/X95i Long Throw Lens (LENS ONLY) – focal length 31.9 - 62.6mm DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9892-7 X90/X90w/X95/X95i Ultra Long Throw Lens (LENS ONLY) – focal length 63.5 - 117.4mm DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9998-2 Lamp Replacement Kit for X95i DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9698-8 Ceiling Mount Extender DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9874-5 P1-Universal Ceiling Mount, White DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9831-5 ATA hard shipping case for X95i DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9716-8 Soft Rolling Bag DISCONTINUED
  • Offers a 1000:1 contrast ratio and XGA resolution for a crisp, clear, high definition picture
  • Displays up to four presentations all at once through the wireless option, allowing for multiple presenters without the need to pass around a connection cable
  • Utilize na SD memory card or a Usb memory device to present .jpg, .png, .bmp and .mpeg4-SP files without being a connected to a computer
  • Offers networking capability through managing software that gives the user the ability to manage, diagnose and control a group of projectors from an offsite location
  • Downloadable E-Shot software allows you to transmit up to 4 still pictures to a single projector via the network, perfect for restaurant signs or emergency information distribution
  • Innovative hybrid filter expands the time between maintenance and cleaning to reduce the operating costs
  • Filter delivers at least 4000 hours under normal conditions,  which almost allows you to "fit and forget"
  • Lamp door is conveniently located on the top of the projector, so maintenance and replacement of the lamp is easily accomplished, even when it’s ceiling mounted
  • No need to waste time waiting for boot up or shutdown, thanks to the Quick Start and Instant Off feature
  • Customize the names of your various input devices to better identify them (i.e. iPod, Component to DVD)
  • Automatically adjusts the keystone tilt for an ideal picture, with just the touch of a button
  • Can recognize and resize special resolutions such as wide format, and make sure they are in the best possible position
  • Includes Whiteboard, Blackboard and Daytime modes to provide better color, reduce glare and make images more vivid
  • Steel anchor point on the bottom of the chassis helps prevent theft, and can be locked with a chain for added security
  • Secure your settings with the “My Screen” feature by locking your screen with a pin code number
  • Offers a transition detector, which locks the projector from use if the angle or settings are changed


Please Note: The Digital Projector has been discontinued, but the accessories are still available.








MPro Pocket ProjectorAccessories for 3M MPro Pocket Projectors
Use this pocket sized projector to hold a meeting anytime, anywhere. Store an array of presentations, video’s and music to hold on the fly meetings. The built-in speakers and long life battery make this the ideal mobile office accessory.

X30 3M Digital Projectors3M™ X30 / X30N / X35N Digital Projectors
Able to interact with, or be controlled by, your local network via RJ45 jack, this projector not only has remote management capability, but also offers eco-friendly energy saving settings that extend lamp life.


LECTRIC I projector screenLECTRIC I
Feature-Packed Motorized Screen Advanced Housing for Wall or Ceiling Mount

SilverStar High Gain Projection ScreenSilverStar™ High Gain Projection Screen
Ideal for dedicated home theaters, schools, houses of worship and environments where ambient light can't be controlled, this screen features a metallic-based technology that deepens color, expands contrast, and provides a 180° viewing cone that lets you watch from any angle.


CB Series Ceiling BoxFSR CB Series Ceiling Box
Perfect for schools, churches, conference rooms and other environments in which you may not want visible equipment racks, these boxes let you mount projectors and network equipment out of sight, right in the ceiling.


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