3M™ SCP700 Series Multimedia Solution Wall Mounts and Accessories

Complete Your SCP700 Series Projector with Custom Accessories


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3M™ SCP700 Series Multimedia Solution Wall Mounts and Accessories

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these projector accessories?

  • Various accessories such as wall and ceiling mounts, interactive sensors, and wall mountable controls to personalize your projection system
  • The fixed or folding wall mounts can be attached right above the projection surface, which suits the SCP700 series projectors
  • SCP I/O Modules act as an input/output expansion that features all the connections you would need for a professional or educational setting
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Take your presentation to the next level by customizing your installation. Create the perfect solution to meet your requirements with out going over budget. Best of all, you can always expand, so even if your application calls for a simpler set up now, you can always upgrade when the time is right.

  • Make your digital presentations interactive with either the Annotation Sensor or the Ludia eBeam System, which allow you to draw, circle and select objects on the projection screen or whiteboard
  • The 3M Fixed Wall Mount is designed for SCP716, SCP717, and SCP740 DLP projectors and mounts directly out of the way, allowing the focus to be on the presentation itself
  • The 3M Folding Wall Mount with Speakers is specifically designed for the SCP716 DLP projector, and features two 20W speakers, ideal for educators utilizing interactive whiteboards
  • SCP I/O Module offers the ability to fully expand your compatible SCP716 DLP projector with numerous connectivity options
  • The Virtual Sensor systems functions as a marking device which allows users to project onto a conventional whiteboard and draw virtually
    • Keep the audience on track and engaged by having them participate using the presentation pen
    • Increase audience retention by digitally drawing and highlighting key elements
    • Input can be digitally saved to a number of different formats and shared
    • Write, draw, and doodle right on the projector screen - no need for a separate whiteboard
    • Stay in front of your audience and control computer mouse functions from the screen
  • Porcelain Dry Erase Board features an aluminum framed, magnetic whiteboard which works well with the SCP Mobile Cart and provides a perfect surface for your presentation
  • Kensington Lock Cable secures your investment by attaching the projector to wall mounted anchor


  Fixed Wall Wall Mount for SCP716, SCP717, SCP740 Folding Wall Mount with Speakers for SCP700 Series
Part # 3M-78-6969-9986-7 3M-78-6972-0011-7
Type Wall Mount Wall Mount
Construction Metal Metal
Compatible With SCP715, SCP716, SCP717, SCP740 DLP SCP712 DLP Projector
P1 - Universal Ceiling Mount for SCP700 Series Projectors
Part # 3M-78-6969-9874-5
Depth from Mounting Source 9.25 - 12.5" (23.5 - 31.75cm)
Adjustment Roll: ± 20°
Pitch: ± 20°
Yaw: ± 360°
Construction Metal
Dimensions 6.0 x 9.25 x 6.0 (15.25 x 23.5-31.75 x 15.25cm)
Weight Capacity 25.0 lbs (11.34kg)
Weight 9.0 lbs (22.86kg)
Annotation Pens
Dimensions 5.5" x 1.25" (13.97cm x 3.18cm)
Weight 0.5 lb (0.23kg)
Digital Eraser
Part # 3M-78-6969-9473-6
Dimensions 3.25" x 3.0" x 2.5" (8.25 x 7.62 x 6.35cm)
Weight 0.5 lb (0.23kg)

Mounting Options

3M-78-6969-9986-7 3M Fixed Wall Wall Mount for SCP716, SCP717, SCP740 DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6972-0011-7 3M Folding Wall Mount with Speakers for SCP700 Series Projectors DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9990-9 Wall Mount Power Conversion Kit
Required when ordering the SCP717 or SCP740 with a Folding or Fixed V2 Wall Mount
3M-78-6969-9962-8 EZ Wall Mount Bracket - Wood, Cement, Cinder, Bocks DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9928-9 C-1 Universal Ceiling Mount for the SCP716 DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6972-0009-1 C-2 Universal Ceiling Mount for SCP717, SCP740 DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9927-1 C1 & C2 Universal Extender Pole & Ceiling Plate DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9874-5 P1 - Universal Ceiling Mount for SCP700 Series Projectors DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9961-0 Optional SCP700 Series Security Kit
Includes Kensington Lock Cable w/ 2 locks, keys
3M-78-6969-9982-6 Powered USB Hub Kit for SCP Folding Wall Mounts DISCONTINUED


Wall Mountable Connectivity Options

3M-78-6972-0012-5 Wall-Mountable Connectivity SCP I/O, V3 Module for PC - for SCP716, SCP716W DISCONTINUED


Sensor Interactive System

3M-78-6972-0017-4 Luidia eBeam edge System for SCP700 Series Projectors DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9933-9 3M SCP712 Annotation Sensor Pad DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9777-0 Digital Annotation Presentation Pen DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9525-3 Annotation Capture Feature Pen - Red DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9524-6 Annotation Capture Feature Pen - Black DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9526-1 Annotation Capture Feature Pen - Green DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9527-9 Annotation Capture Feature Pen - Blue DISCONTINUED
3M-78-6969-9473-6 Digital Annotation Whiteboard Eraser DISCONTINUED


RS232 Adapter Cables

3M-78-6969-9934-7 Optional RS232 Adapter Cable for SCP716 and SCP716W w/out I/O Module DISCONTINUED
3M-78-8118-9927-3 Optional RS232 Adapter Cable for SCP717 and SCP740 Projectors DISCONTINUED


White Board

3M-70-0050-1140-1 4ft x 6ft Porcelain Magnetic Dry Erase Board DISCONTINUED

SCP700 series projectorSCP700 Series Projectors
Designed to deliver high-quality projected images in smaller-than-usual classrooms and conference rooms, this projector is able to perform the same at 40 inches as others do from 10 feet away.

VU-EASY Tensioned Wall ScreenVU-EASY Permanently Tensioned Wall Screen
Outstanding quality and value, ultra flat viewing surface, custom sizes available, fabric secured to frame with Velcro, dedicated theater, bracket included and more


Monster Component Vide CableMonster Video® 1 Component Video Cable
Price / 2 meters
Offers improved performance for the best possible picture. MV1CV features a dual foil and high-purity, high density braided copper shielding to reject interference. A low-density structured foam dielectric ensures low-loss video signal transfer.

HDMI cablesVanco Blue Jet® HDMI™ 1.3 Digital Audio/ Video Cable
An excellent choice to connect HDTVs, digital flat-panel displays and other components with HDMI™ connections to Blu-Ray™/HD DVD™ digital DVD players, etc.

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